Top 10 Lamest and Worst Olympic Events

I'm gonna stay on the ever-so-publicized Olympic games for at least another day, and give the lesser known cats some shine. Now when the average American thinks of the Olympics, theres probably no more than 10 events they can think of off the top of their heads, so in this entry, I'm focusing on the less publicized...and for good reason. Here is my 10 LAMEST Olympic events. (In no particular order)

Air Pistol - Guns and Olympics just don't mix...

Archery - Maybe I gotta do it to appreciate it.

Synchronized Swimming - Amazing talent, but damn, those girls are ANNOYING!

Badminton is to Tennis as Rollerblading is to Skateboarding

Field Hockey - It's Ice Hockey w/o the ice...and hits, and fights, and excitement.

Handball - Throw the ball in the net, while some guy flailing his arms is supposed to stop you. You only watch it and think 'How can anyone watch this!'

Fencing - Doesn't matter how long its been around. They need to quit the Midevil Times B.S.

Hammer Throw - Theres NO WAY you can watch this and not laugh.

Equestrian - So...the horse gets the medal?

Steeplechase - Probably one of the strangest. People never believe me when I tell them that there's a track and field event where they have to jump over a hurdle followed by a pool of water. Well, here's proof,

I NEED MORE! Pls post any other Lame ass events in the comments.


ChampionPht said...

you're buggin haylow...some of those sports are dope! archery??? that shit is hard as hell! but yes...i wasn't even aware of handball. i fell out laughing when i saw it. you should check out trampoline...thats actually my new shit. i can't wait for it to come on. ha!

DJ Haylow said...

Look, I didn't say they weren't hard, but c'mon, archery? What is this, prince of Nottingham?? GETOUTTAHEA!!

Im defintiely down with the trampoline tho, I think its kinda weird when they posed at the end tho, no climax...haha

Anonymous said...

So i guess there's a solo synchronized swimming event um... Is it possible not to be synchrozied with yourself. You can prob find a video on you tube havent looked yet

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how equestrian is lame. Especially the cross country and stadium jumping.