Kanye West: Freshman Adjustment 1 & 2

And now...I'd like to return to the classics.
Get these if you don't already have em. It's interesting to compare old Kanye with new Kanye.


Freshmen Adjustment
1. Intro
2. Doing Fine
3. Self Conscious - (A.K.A. Yeah)
4. Gossip Files
5. Wack Nigg*z - (Talib Kweli)
6. I Need To Know
7. Out Of Your Mind
8. Livin' In A Movie
9. Drop Dead Gorgeous
10. Wow - (GLC)
11. Apologize
12. Hey Mama
13. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - (Consequence)
14. Keep The Receipt - (Dirt McGirt)
15. Heavy Hitters -(GLC)
16. My Way
17. Home
18. '03 Electric Relaxation (Bonus Track) - (Consequence)
19. All Falls Down (Bonus Track) - (Lauryn Hill)
20. Through The Wire (Freestyle Remix) (Bonus Track)

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Freshmen Adjustment 2
1. Intro-Feat. John Legend
2. We Can't Tell
3. Half Price
4. A Million
5. Excuse Me Miss-Feat. Jay-Z [Remix]
6. Would You Like To Ride?-Feat. Malik Yusef & Common
7. On 10 In A Benz-Feat. Rhymefest
8. The Roc In Here
9. Overreact-Feat. Consequence
10. Changing Lanes-Feat. Chops
11. I Met Oprah
12. My Girlfriend
13. Last Night
14. Wack Niggaz Pt. 2-Feat. Common, Cons & Talib
15. Neva Gonna Stop Me-Feat. The Go Getters
16. Together They're Tens
17. Girls Girls Girls [Re-Remix]
18. Self Conscious [Poetry Style]
19. '03 Til Infinity-Feat. Consequence
20. Better Than Yours-Feat. Common

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