Kanye West - "Champion" video

I can now close the poll for the Video of the Year Award...It goes to Kanye West "Champion". I've always loved Kanye, but I fell like givin him props is like tryin to be down with the most popular kid in school, that wins all the games, gets all the ladies, gets straight A's, etc...but you gotta love him.

I also must say that this video is perfect for the blog since I've been focusing on Kanye's production on the new Jay-Z joint, and the Olympics. Peep the Video, and props to Kanye for always sayin one step ahead.

You probably peeped the subtle differences in the video version,
so I uploaded the audio.

Download Kanye West - CHAMPION (VIDEO VERSION) Here

Couple more things I love about the video...It came out in time for the Olympics, I love the track suit on the puppet...and the stretching and work out scenes are classic.