Count Bass-D


This is probably the cat I was bumpin the most last week. Big shout out to Malo for puttin me on to Count Bass-D. He's got a style unlike any other, he makes his own beats, and he's a dope artist that fuses jazz and soul, but there is a comedic element to his music that will definitely grab your attention...this fool has me rollin, AND the production is amazing! Check out the Downloads, you won't regret it!



Pre-Life Crisis (1995)

Here's a 2006 interview in Dork Magazine (www.dorkmag.com)
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Anonymous said...

hey- count bass d is fantastic, thansk for pumping him up. but the whole begborrowsteel? how about just an mp3?

DJ Haylow said...

I deleted the Link for Begborrowsteel. No means of disrespect.