2010 is the year

As my blog limps into its second year of activity (longer than most, not nearly as long as others) I first want to say 'Your Welcome' for all the people who have appreciated my efforts, 'Thanks' to all the people for listening to me, and 'We are grateful' for all the people who have helped contribute; living and deceased, musicians and non-musicians. As years go by, it is becoming ever harder to narrate my feelings and opinions in the form of a blog. It is hard to stay current, find motivation, remain relative, while typing, uploading, linking, etc. It's a lot of effort! All the TRUE bloggers know just what I'm talkin about.

I still want to keep it going. I've flirted with the idea of making it private, and different themes to make the posts all make sense, and I have some ideas. I will keep all posted in my progress, and when the blog is truly back, you'll know. I will let it be known. until then...

Hold Tight!