Mobb Deep - Back at You

You listen to this song now, and Yeah, the beat is a lil repetitive, and the video is on some typical Mobb Deep shit...but I dunno, It just stuck with me throughout High School. I think it was he b/w video, and the 'top o' the project roof' shot was always cool.
The thing I love about this song, and that era, is that people took the time to make a censored version of the song, and then they had an explicit version that had different lyrics, and the emcee could do this and still maintain the same train of thought. Nowadays, cats jus hit the booth, swear all over the record, and then jus have dead air through half the verse. When I hear that i think 'I guess what he/she was tryin to say wasn't that important'. I guess the sound effect censors are cool if your part of Wu-Tang (swingin swords, etc.) but I prefer a new version to make it seamless. Peep the video, then Download the song.

Mobb Deep - Back at You (Vocal & Instrumental)


Nas, Kool G. Rap, and The Neptunes - The Don Life


Download the REMIX!


Boogie Monsters - Riders of the Storm


Download Boogie Monsters - Riders of the Storm

This was a CLASSIC album that came out in 1994 that not enough people were up on. I felt like I was the only person who bumped the album non-stop, but when I bring up the Boogie Monsters in Hip Hop conversations, cats are like "o Yeah I remember those cats" or "That 1st album is a classic!". well, If you haven't heard the 1st album, here it goes...and please post a comment and give feedback on the album!


Jay-Z & Beanie Siegel "Once Again It's On!"

One of those classic "back-n-forth-no-hook-me-and-my-boy-jus-rappin-one-take" cuts...


Download Once Again it's On - Jay & Beans
(Vocal & Instrumental)



Tiger didn't have a problem with it....

This was what was first said...
This is what Golfweek Magazine did...


What bothers me about this whole thing is not the comments, or the imagery (which I feel are tastless and ignorant beyond words) but the fact that these people responsible these atrocities are apologetic AFTER everyone makes such a big deal about it. For example, when Imus said his infamous statement, Clear Channel, Imus, and the rest of the people responsible were apoligizing over the reaction...as if to say 'Im sorry you are upset oevr what I said'. Of course Tiger accepted the womans apoligy, saying they were friends before the incident, so no support there. Suspending, or even firing her doesn't make her any less racist, or it doesn't make the problem go away, Its a sad realization that people, and feelings like these are alive and well in this country.
So Golfweek fires the editor responsible for this decision for the cover, and honestly I could care less. Firing people responsible for this is only sweeping the problem under the rug, just like the Imus situation, and it won't prevent the problem from happening again.


Class of 2007

Thanks to everyone who Downloaded, or is going to Download my newest mix! I wanted to make a point w/ this mix, to prove that there is STILL some GOOD HIP HOP out there, I mean NEW shit that DOESN'T make people say "this sounds like some '93 type shit"....and I don't wanna spark up the whole 'Hip Hop is Dead' controversy, but I want to recognize GOOD Hip Hop while it's still current, instead of not appreciating it when it's out then calling it classic later. Don't get me wrong, there is TONS of wack ass shit out there, but the way true Hip Hop is, and always HAS been, is that it doesn't come to your doorstep. You have to go out and look for it....UNTIL NOW! With my NEW 2007 MIXTAPE!! But seriously, I wanted to highlight good music, and artists, and producers, and songs that made a mark in 'o7. I may have forgot, or omitted your favorite song, or artist, but forgive me. I'm only human, and a CD is only 80 minutes. I REALLY wanted to host this CD, but I couldn't find my mic chord. I know that may dissapoint a small number of you, (a VERY small number), but for most it's a blessing. Enjoy the mix while the link is still alive, and please post feedback!



NFL Playoffs, WEEK 2

OK, It seems like sombody forgot to meantion to the Seahaws that a football game is longer than 3 minutes. I've never seen a team jump all over another team so quickly, and then get their asses drgged all over the field in exchange. I knew it was gonna be an upfield battle from jumpstreet, but I didnt think it was gonna end up like THAT. When that snow atarted fallin in that 2nd Half, I knew they were done for...Thats when you need a Running Back! Ahhh, I remember once upon a time when the Seahawks had one of those...and the Ironic thing is that Chris Berman always plays that clip with S. Alexander saying 'Cmon Seattle, C'mon..." You need to bring YOUR ass on!!

I gotta give the Chargers props, and the Cowboys Choked, and the Pats took the other teams best shot, and came back to win.

I probably the person most sick of hearing about Favre and Brady, but man, those guys were amazing this past weekend. Brady throwin 92% or somethin like that...thats INSANE! Eli should take notes on how to play in cold weather...AND BRADY IS FROM NORTHERN CALI! WHERE IT DOESNT SNOW! As much as I'm sick of hearin about him, I gotta tip my cap.


Puttin in a Lil' Work..Dj Haylow Mix CD's

For those who don't know, I do Mix CD's...and here are the ones I have out. These are a great representation of my personal taste in music, not necessarily what I play out. It's funny, cuz I still get tagged as an undergoround DJ, and cats who haven't heard me spin in a couple years think I can't rock a party, but Ahhhhhh, those MFs don't know wassup! So these CD's are for real heads, cats that appreciate music. And these aren't those mixes that have the same shelf life as a carton of milk, these are some timeless joints...joints that you can listen to for years to come.
Peep my Myspace page, and I strongly recommend gettin the MP3 Versions, cuz then I don't have to ship em, and you'll get the MP3 in a day or so. If you cop one, I usually throw in some extra shit, cuz I'm such a nice guy :-D Peep the titles, and the track listings are on my myspace..

...and for those who DO know, they know they're CLASSICS!


Please bootleg my CD's! I Need Distribution!!
(jus make sure it says DJ HAYLOW on it!)


Classic Soul

Since this is my 1st blog, I figure I'll start it off in a good way