Skillz - '08 Rap Up

Well, I can honestly say that this isn't Skillz' best rap-up. Actually, I think it's his worst. Last years came out so early in December, I didn't even think it was official. This one I was lookin for earlier in the week, so he must have just dropped it. Either he was real busy in December, or he rushed the whole thing. I dunno, maybe I'm expecting a little too much...but no Isaac Hayes or Bernie Mac shout out? Well, either way, I always enjoy listenin to the rap-ups, and I hope he keeps em going. I think the '05 was the best one. (the one with the Jamie Foxx 'Unpredictable' beat.)

'08 RAP-UP

The Clipse - Road to Till the Casket Drops (Mixtape)

MORE raps about Drugs n Guns

Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay

I wanna say Rest in Peace to one of the greatest jazz musicians in the game, Mr. Freddie Hubbard. Let me (if I may) tell an interesting story dealing with Freddie Hubbard and a recent blog post. For those who don't know, I try to post some non-Hip Hop goodness every Friday, and a couple Fridays ago, I posted Freddie Hubbard 'Sky Dive'. Usually when I post a Jazz artist, I try to add links, pics, etc. Well, for this particular post, I was in a rush, and I didn't get to post anything besides the link. Of course this is a simple coincidence, but it's something I thought I'd note. This is my Favorite Freddie Hubbard album, 'Red Clay'.

The small consolation is that he lived a full life, playing with some of the best in the game. His career spanned well over three decades, and he has undoubtedly left his mark in Jazz History. Please download this classic album, it is a guaranteed classic. I got some more Freddie, I'll post it later, no doubt.

Red Clay

Rest in Peace.


Santogold ft. Spank Rock - Shove it

I know people that REALLY like Santogold, and I know people that really DON'T like Santogold...
I guess I'm still on the fence, but I like this joint.

(This song features the 'Brooklyn we go hard" sample as well)

Shove It


K'naan - What's Hardcore?

K'naan - Somalia


Introducing K'naan


Johnson&Jonson - LA LA Land

Blu is at it again! He's slowly becoming one of the hardest working emcees in the game!
La La Land

Fawshan - Higher Learning Mixtape

I haven't heard this mixtape, but I'm givin this cat the benefit of the doubt because of who he rolls with. (I'm not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing). I heard him on the Evidence 'Far Left' track and I was like 'ehhhhh', but thats because all the emcees had the same flow pattern. Well, Im gonna download this and I'm sure it has a nice display of his Emcee skills. For Fashawn, this is the Moment of Truth! (not really, it's just a mixtape)

Higher Learning Mixtape

01. Intro
02. Fortified Live (Remix)
03. Freedom
04. Let Me See Your ID (Skit)
05. Day ‘N’ Nite (Remix) (feat. KiD CuDi)
06. Sunday Morning (Remix) (feat. K-OS)
07. The Far Left (feat. Alchemist & Evidence)
08. Turf Rap (Remix)
09. Seize Power (Skit)
10. Politics (feat. Krondon)
11. Jimmy (Ratatat Remix)
12. Fake ID
13. Life Is Too Short
14. Buyers Guide
15. Cold Shoulder (Remix) (feat. Adele)
16. You Lookin At Me (Skit)
17. Something Special
18. Do You (Skit)
19. Still Gettin Mine “5-5-9? (Remix) (feat. Rickochet)
20. Beautiful Day (Remix) (feat. Evidence, Big Pooh, Aloe Blacc, Mickey Factz, Theo & Kes Kaos)
21. Over When Its Done (Outro)

UFC 92

Man, these videos are gettin harder and harder to find.

Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans

Rampage vs. Wanderlei Silva


08-09 SEASON


This mix looks back at the BEST OF 2008,
and features those about to make noise in 2009



RAPIDSHARE = http://rapidshare.com/files/176440177/08-09_Season_-_Mixed_by_DJ_Haylow__www.djhaylow.com_.zip.html

MEGAUPLOAD = http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M3PVPU6S

BADONGO = http://www.badongo.com/file/12622751

ZSHARE = http://www.zshare.net/download/532230876899193f/



Happy Holidays from ya boy!

I'm FAR from the festive type, but I wanted to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday.

I know some of y'all haters thought the blog was fallin off (actually, no one probably thought that) but you know how it be during the holidays, and this year is no exception. ALL of my Non-Cali fam has been snowed in, MFs spending the night at the airport (It took me about 7hrs to get from SF to LA, and I was LUCKY!), NFL Playoffs and NBA are on the mind, people are busy entertaining family and friends, kids are on vacation, fights at K-Mart, Target is a mess, Secret Santas, yule logs, crazy pattern sweaters, etc, etc, etc...

BUT, I am gonna be in FULL STRENGTH in 2009, w/ alot more goodness to look fwd to. Jan 1st also marks the 1 year anniversary of the blog, and that is something I am personaly proud of. Believe it or not, writing in this blog has gotten me through some difficult times, and it's also been a way to share my world with my fellow readers and followers.

I want to take this time to thank all who have supported me in anyway possible, and I am confident bigger and better things are on the horizon!

To sum it all up, Happy Holidays.


Termanology - We Killin' Ourselves (Prod by. Pete Rock)

We Killin Ourselves


Freddie Hubbard - Sky Dive

Sky Dive


Wale - Nike Boots Remix ft. Lil Wayne


New video, old cut.
never on schedule,
but always on time.

classic joint.

"Flyeh than the rest of em"


"this ain't a shoe song. it's a true song..."



If there's no dough on it...
there's no tokin it...
all day all night,
off that C-H-R-O-nic.


12 things to throw at Bush (by Mark Bradford, SF Gate)

12 things to throw at Bush
A shoe? Not bad. But surely we can do better

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

A shoe is an honest choice. Civilized. Convenient. Sends a simple "you're an artless jackass, and everyone knows it" kind of message. What's more, a hurled shoe is a timeless bit of wisecrackery, sort of like a pie in the face or standing up and hurling your drink at your two-faced lover in a restaurant. Classic.

But this is Dubya we're talking about. Worst. President. Ever. Surely he deserves better. Surely he deserves something a bit more ... thoughtful? Profound? Ironic? After all, while a shoe is nice, it's also terribly cliched. Boring, even.

Of course, I officially endorse none of the following far more appropriate, delightfully hurl-able options. Do not ever throw anything at President Bush, because you could get shot or perhaps go to jail for a very long time, which, despite how you'd be hailed a hero worldwide forevermore, would just be no fun at all. Don't do it. Throwing is wrong. OK?

1) Rainbow flag

Obvious, but effective. What better way to say, "Thanks for keeping the last fundamental civil right in hateful lockdown for another 20 years by kowtowing to the sexually ignorant and the religiously malformed, you sad lump of homophobic lint."

Bonus suggestion: Attach small photo of Bush's new son-in-law and Rove sycophant, Henry Hager, to the flag. Implied rumor: Henry's secretly gay! Just like half the GOP and all televangelists and John Travolta! The AP photogs will eat it up.

Note: Be sure to fold flag tightly for ideal trajectory, lest it unravel mid-flight and accidentally land on the head of the Saudi Arabian reporter, inducing horrified screams and spontaneous combustion. No one wants a scene.

2) Book about science

Clever! Something this president has actually never seen before: A real book full of complex ideas written by people who actually understand that humans didn't ride on the backs of dinosaurs, the Earth is not a giant litter box made of Cheez-Whiz and Jesus spittle, and that the Bible is basically a violent little children's fable. Amazing. Make it a soft paperback, because those hardbacks are a bitch and you don't want to hurt anyone. Remember, science is your friend.

3) Birth control pills

Turns out those little pink plastic saucer things actually soar quite well when hurled like little Frisbees o' Female Empowerment. It's a nice way to thank Bush for sucking the sour teat of the sexist religious right and Catholic church, front-loading the nation's courts with misogynist judges and stabbing at the heart of women's rights for nearly a decade.

Alternative: Load individual RU-486 pills into a large straw and blast them at Bush's head like Divine Spitwads of Cervical Righteousness. It's more sustained fun, and might get you in less trouble overall. Don't forget to aim a few at Jenna, in the honest hope she will never, ever breed. Hey, it's for her own good. Didn't you know her husband is secretly gay? I swear I just read that somewhere.

4) Crayons

Back in the early days of the Worst Presidency Ever, Bush used mostly Burnt Sienna with the occasional Purple Pizzazz. But lately Dubya's been turning to Mango Tango and Beaver, with a bit of Neon Carrot -- saying that one aloud always makes him giggle -- to sign all those laws, last-minute enviro rollbacks, sweetheart deals to Big Oil, final bitch-slaps and FUs to the conscious and the hopeful.

Did you know the Crayola company officially replaced Teal Blue with a color called "Wild Blue Yonder"? That makes George feel proud to be an American. He says to himself, "You think that damn Al Qaeda would ever use a color like that? You're gul-dang right they wouldn't! They're use some stupid America-hating color like Terrorism Turquoise or Suicide Bomber Sepia. Jerks!"

5) Dick Cheney

Cheney, thought to be made up entirely of black tar, razor blades and cold, glowering evil, certainly looks like he weighs as much as a tumescent water buffalo, and therefore would be just impossibly difficult to raise over your head and heave at Bush with any sort of accuracy or distance.

Turns out, however, that Dick is merely a phantasm, a collective nightmare, a little smear of something slimy and gray and unidentifiable, like you find on a dark road after it rains. Deeply unpleasant, but also nearly weightless. Easy to fling, after all! Warning: Do not to get any on your fingers or anywhere near your eyes or other mucus membranes. He may be an ephemeral hellbeast, but he's still one enormously toxic Dick.

6) Hunk of glacial ice

Not much left, so you'd better hurry. Here, George, shove this last snowball from what's left of Greenland into your lemonade this summer at the ranch. Thanks for all the brutal enviro rollbacks and rejecting Kyoto and making America the pathetic laughingstock of the entire scientific community. May you reincarnate as a starving, scabrous polar bear, adrift on a melting ice floe, wondering what happened to your home.

Alternate: hunk of ozone. For nearly identical reasons.

7) Prosthetic limb

Imagine this perfect scene: You raise your right hand to ask Bush a question. Bush points at you, "Yes?" You calmly raise your left hand, reach over to your right and give a little tug and pop! Off comes your entire right arm from the socket! Before anyone can register what's happening, said arm is winging through the air, straight at Bush's head. Bonk! See? Not only have you conked him, you've slapped him as well. Now that's poetry.

Terrific reminder of the tens of thousands of young U.S. soldiers who've been maimed, mutilated and permanently scarred in Bush's lost, futile, disgusting war. Imagine the hilarious photos! It's tragicomic, really.

8) Hanging chads

Because we will never forget.

9) WMD

Good luck finding any. Maybe over in Pakistan? North Korea? Toronto? Still, imagine the shock on Bush's tired face. Finally, some WMD! Right here in my lap! He'd stroke it like a feral kitten and cry.

Alternate choice: Glowering Taliban fighter. There's been a big resurgence, after all. Plenty to go around. Plus, Islamic terrorist jackals don't eat much. Makes them light as pillows. Fun to throw!

10) National sense of pride/hope/dignity

We used to have quite a lot. Now the only place to really find any is over at Obama transition headquarters, where they're giving it out to desperate citizens for free, by the truckload, as much as you can carry, like medicine from the Red Cross after a major disaster. Problem: People have been throwing this stuff at Bush for years, with zero effect. He just thinks it's some sort of bizarre foreign food and feeds it to the dog. Or Saudi Arabia.

11) Entire remainder of gutted, ruined Republican party

This quivering mass of ignoble sadness and blighted phlegm will now fit comfortably into the palm of your hand, ready to hurl. Be sure to wear gloves. One drawback: Most Republicans are already chucking huge, angry hunks of blame at Bush for destroying the Cult of the Great God Reagan. You might have to get in line.

12) Reality

Throw some if you can, but if possible, better to just run up and dump enormous buckets of it over Bush's head. Of course, he will not notice. He will merely blink a few times and get that look on his face like he almost had a thought, then it passed, like a bit of gas. Reality has evaded this president for eight solid years and possibly over two million lifetimes. He will never, ever see it. No matter. At least it's real. And it still beats a shoe.


Common & Will.I.am - I Have A Dream (A + V)

I Have A Dream


In Mideast, Arabs hail shoe-hurling journalist

I'm at work right now, so I can't hear the audio of this clip, but just the video enough is worthy of a post. Peep the msnbc article here

JB (A Tribute to James Brown) - Mixed by DJ Haylow


What's up, my good peoples. I wanted to commemorate the anniversary of James Brown's passing by posting a link to my James Brown Tribute Mix that I recorded in 2007. His passing will always be synonymous with Christmas, and most likely will be overlooked by by the mainstream media because of all the Holiday hoopla. I really don't think I need to explain the importance of James Brown to the music community, or his influence on Hip Hop. Let's just say that they're both rather LARGE. So this Holiday season when you're huddled around the fire bumpin all the yule-tide Christmas carols relaxing with your feet up, don't forget about about the Hardest Working Man in Show Business!

Click Here to Download

September Song - James Brown
Bring It Up - James Brown
Really, Really, Really - James Brown
My Thang - James Brown
Funky Child (Instrumental)
Funky President - James Brown
Untitled Instrumental - James Brown And The JB's
Baby, Here I Come - James Brown
Can I Get Some Help - James Brown
Soul Power '74 - Maceo And The Macks
Escapism' - James Brown And The JB's
A Blind Man Can See It - James Brown
They Want EFX (Instrumental)
Blues And Pants - James Brown
Slaughter Theme - James Brown
The Boss - James Brown
Get Down (Instrumental)
Funky Drummer - James Brown
Message From The Soul Sisters - Myra Barnes
Take Me Just As I Am - Lyn Collins
Put It On The Line - Lyn Collins
Who Shot Ya (Instrumental)
Think (About It) - Lyn Collins
Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved - James Brown
I'm Black And I'm Proud - James Brown
Get Up Off That Thang - James Brown
Funky Good Time - James Brown And The JB's
Make It Funky - James Brown
Transmographication - James Brown
Same Beat - The JB's
Take Some, Leave Some - James Brown
Here I Come (Instrumental)
It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World (Alternate Version)
It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World (Main Version)
King Heroin - James Brown


Richard Pryor - That Nigger's Crazy (1974)

Time's are rough for everyone nowadays, so I wanted to post something to lighten up the mood a little bit. This is one of the funniest Richard Pryor albums I've heard (I haven't heard all of them though). It's safe to say that Richard Pryor was a poineer when it came to the racy, taboo, Def Comedy Jam type stand-up, and back in the 70's, I'm sure a lot of comedians were afraid to do the whole "white people do this, and black people do this...", but Mr. Pryor , he was on that NEXT shit!

That Nigger's Crazy


Kid Cudi feat. Wale - Is There Any Love


Holiday Mixes from MLA

I can run down the line of Christmas songs I don't want to hear this year...and next year. And the year after that. Sometimes you'll get an artist get motivated by the holiday season and make a song, or sometimes they get overcome with Christmas spirit and make an entire album. Most of the time it's something that is heard during the seasons that the artist is popular, then it's just put on the back burner, like every other Christmas album (Generally speaking, I don't think I'll be listening to TLC's Christmas album, or Christmas on Death Row this year.)

If you're looking to get in to the Holiday spirit this year, and if you don't wanna drive down your block bumpin 'Little Drummer Boy', then you may wanna check out these mixes by my boy MLA a.k.a. Mike Flossin'. He's a long time homie, and he's doin his thang with the mixtape compilations.

So put up the Nativity scene in the front yard, put a reef on the hood of your car, spray the tree with the canned flock, put your lighters in the air, put your dong in a sweater, what ever you need to do to prep for Christmas...and bump these mixes.

Ooops, I didn't mean Christmas, I meant Christmakwanzika

Here's the links:

Holiday Lounge

Holiday Classics

Kanye on Conan O'Brien

Let me say this up front. I will always be a Kanye West fan (and a Conan fan), so I feel like I always excuse his arrogance as a publicity stunt, or an act to gain more attention. It's hard to say where Kanye would be if he was more Humble. His primadona attitude has got him so much attention, people know him for his attitude more than his music. To sum it all up, I have no idea how he is as a true individual, and the general public will probably never get to see that personable side of him. What is ironic is that his music DOES show many different emotions, and it almost seems like the albums are in fact a window to his more personable side. So in a way, the true fans that listen to the albums, and really follow the career of Mr. West are exposed to this side, while the general public that see him at huge award shows, late night talk shows, and all these other realms outside of the Hip Hop culture sees the arrogant Kanye that so many people harp on.

I don't know, maybe I'm over analyzing him, but I feel with Kanye, there's always a method to his madness. Check out this video...I don't mean to scrutinize him, but I guess it's just Kanye being Kanye.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Al Great - Star Of The Show

Spectacula - Daytona 500

Raheem DeVaughn - Every Given Sunday (Feat. Wale, Ms. Kim, Big G, Hazel, King Pin Slim & Duce Your Highness) (Rest in Peace Sean Taylor)

B.o.B - Auto Tune (V)

Ab Soul - Day In The Life (V)

Primeridian - Buck Town (City of Wind) (feat. Naledge)


Al Green - Still in Love With You

This weeks 'Back in the Day, take a break from Hip Hop, Expand your horizons' album is more of the common variety. To tell the truth, and I'm not even sure I should say it, I've never been a HUGE Al Green *GGAAASP!*, But none can deny his legendary status, his soulful sound, and his influence on Hip Hop.

I must also say that this album has one of the best covers in music. I think my goal in life is to take an exact picture like that. I think I can pull that shit off! (yeah, right...)

There's not much else I can say about Rev. Al Green that you probably can't say for yourself. He has touched us all.

Learn More

O.J. Sentencing. Who Fell off Harder?

So I feel like a TMZ reporter because I'm watching the OJ Simpson sentencing today. You think of players that fell off. You may think of someone like Ken Griffey Jr. He's hit over 600 home runs, but when I was 15 years old, I would've thought he'd be at 1000 by now. Maybe you can throw in someone like Derrick Coleman, one of the most explosive offensive players in the NBA in is time. He was slowed by injury, but had a modest career, but he had Hall of Fame talent. But all the busts, and uncoachable players that couldn't stay in the league, and players injured too soon and lost their athleticism, the drug suspensions, and ALLLL the other shit that happens to these athletes, NONE of them fall harder than O.J. Well, maybe not. There's also a few others when you think...damn, what could've been. All they had to do was count their money, and play a kids game for a living. Here's a question, which athlete fell harder?
Mike Tyson, Maurice Clarrett, Michael Vick, Dwight Gooden, or O.J. Simpson

Now, me and my boy Lalo were havin a discussion. What constitutes a FALL OFF? I think it's wasted talent, while he thinks its a fall from grace. I'll let yall make the decision. Factor in EVERYTHING

Which Athlete Fell Off Harder?

Damn O.J. just couldn't lay low


Consequence - Job Song (A+V)


Consequence - Uncle Rahiem (A+V)

This N***a Uncle Rahiem

Consequence - Disperse Feat. GLC & Really Doe (A+V)

PLEASE disperse!!



GLC - I Ain't Even On Yet (V)

GLC - Chi State of Mind (A+V)


GLC & Kanye West - Big Screen (A+V)

Making of "Big Screen" GLC & Kanye


She want the Big... Screen... Hollywood Lights

Final Version


LeBron James vs. Charles Barkley

So I'm sure you've heard about the little spat between LeBron James and Charles Barkley by now, AND I'm sure you've seen the new Nike LeBron "Chalk" commercial. Soooo, rather than talk about the war of words, or discuss who was better on the court, I wanna talk about which Nike Commercial, from LeBron and Sir Charles is the best. I'll let yall decide. Check out the commercials, refresh your memories, analyze, critique, factor in EVERYthing...and vote!

(If you are under the age of 18, please do not vote, because have NO IDEA how tight the Barkley 'Godzilla' commercial was when it came out!)

LeBron James "Chalk"

Charles Barkley "Godzilla"

LeBron James "Pressure"
(NOTE: This one aired the commercial break BEFORE tip-off of LeBron's debut against the Kings IN Sacramento. that's GOTTA be extra points.)

Charles Barkley "I am Not a Role Model"

Which is the BEST Nike Commercial?

Charles Barkley Mix

LeBron James Mix


Dwayne Wade - The Good Son

Those of you who watch sportscenter on a semi-regular basis know that ESPN has profile segments on various athelets and random people in the world od sport. In their attempts to make Sportscenter fit under the category of 'Family Programming' the producers will fill 5-10 minutes of the show with a heartwarming, touching story about a child who lost his dog, and whose parents divorced, and somehow gathered up enough will and strength to hit a bottom of the 7th inning home run to win the Little League Championship game. I always have a box of tissue close by.
But seriously, I saw this Ep of E:60, and they had a great story of Dwayne Wade and his relationship with his mother along his journey to NBA Stardom. The NBA is a star driven league, so a lot of people revere Dwayne Wade for his gifted athletic ability, but hearing about what he and his mother have overcome to get where they are, it will give you a whole new appreciation for D.Wade, and his mother is an inspiration to all.

...and just incase you don't know who I'm talkin about,


Yeezy - Heartless

This is my soundtrack right now.


Skillz - For Real

Punchline - Attitude

Johnson&Jonson - Up All Night (Blu)

Jazzanova - I Can See (feat. Ben Westbeech)


The Love Unlimited Orchestra - White Gold

I gotta let yall in on some of the smoothest shit you'll ever hear. I swear, If you're a 70's cat, who wants some soundtrack music, this is what you need. To my understanding, The Love Unlimited Orchestra was to Barry White, as The JBs were to James Brown. The sound the Love Unlimited Orchestra was synonymous with the 70's disco-funk, satin sheets, white-walls, marble floors, love boat, dynasty, white suits and loafers, pimp-strut...yall get the idea. I wasn't around back then, but if there was ever anything that made me feel like I was it would be this. This shit may even make you do a couple lines if you listen long enough. If I see ANYone I know in the next couple days w/ a hard perm, I know they've been on the blog. But seriously, this is some real cool Barry White style, mostly instrumental joints to vybe out to.

White (AU)

"Can you dig it?

awwwww yeah..."


Rest in Peace Sean Taylor (April 1, 1983 - Nov 27, 2007)

Today is the one year anniversary of one of the most untimely and unnecessary deaths the world of sports has ever seen. Sean Taylor was one of the most talented players ever seen on the football field, one who had the gifted combination of size, speed, and power. Although his NFL career lasted a little longer than 3 years, he will be forever remembered as one of the greatest talents, and it is truly shameful that NFL fans will never see what he could been for the league, but more importantly, his life was ended much too soon. Rest in Peace.

(Clinton Portis, who was Taylor's teammate at U of Miami and as a Redskin,
pays his respect to Sean.)


Dom Kennedy, Pacific Division & Carter - Everyone Knows Us (Video)

Evidence - Solitary Confinement Feat. Krondon (Video)

Illa J - We Here (Video)

Illa J. - Are You Listenin'? Feat Guilty Simpson (Video)


Dead Presidents 3

Dead Presidents 3,
just in case you don't have it.

Dead Presidents prod. by Ski Beats

I've seen this video a countless number of times, and I am amazed each time.
One of the greatest beats in the history of Hip Hop.

Hands Down.

Dead Presidents 12" Single
(Video Version, Dirty, Instrumental)
(The 12" had 'Ain't No N***a' as the B-Side)
The Video Version is the best one, in my opinion.


Lonnie Liston Smith / Jay-Z / Mary J. Blige

This may be a dumb question, but I just thought I'd ask. In most cases where a classic song is remade, I wouldn't. But I felt Mary really shined on this beat.

Which beat was better usage of the Lonnie Liston Smith sample?

Here's the original...
it's so beautiful it'll damn near bring you to tears.

Garden of Peace


MC Breed (Rest in Peace)


I gotta give a formal farewell to...well, not really a legend, or a poineer, and really hate to use the term one hit wonder, but DAMN, I think his one hit has to account for a classic album! I never like using the term One Hit Wonder, because I don't know how many underground mixtapes he put out, or how many classic regional projects he did, (let me remind you, he WAS from Detroit, not from the westcoast. It's an honest mistake, because the song has such a westside flavor) or what he did behind the scenes, but MC Breed will ALWAYS get respect from any Ol Skool cat, or any DJ. I cannot tell you how many times I was struggling through a set (well, that doesn't happen TOO often :D ) and I threw on that song, not even mixin it, just droppin that intro [TO THE BEAT'CHAL (haha) ] and that song alone would get any club crackin, and Its gotten me outta a rock and a hard place. All yall DJs out there know exactly what I'm talkin about...those times when there's less than 20 sec to go in a song, and we don't know what we're gonna play next. So on behalf of every person who has stepped foot into a Hip Hop club since 1992, I say Rest in Peace.

One other note, he wasn't the first person to use the Ohio Players "Funky Worm" sample, but I think it's definitely worth noting.


Lonnie Liston Smith - Astral Traveling

as•tral adj.
Of, relating to, emanating from, or resembling the stars.
Biology. Of, relating to, or shaped like the mitotic aster; star-shaped.
Of or relating to a supersensible body believed by theosophists to coexist with and survive the death of the human physical body: an astral body; astral projection.

trav·el (trvl)
v. trav·eled or trav·elled, trav·el·ing or trav·el·ling, trav·els

To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey.
To be transmitted, as light or sound; move or pass.
To advance or proceed.
To go about in the company of a particular group; associate: travels in wealthy circles.
To move along a course, as in a groove.
To admit of being transported without loss of quality; Some wines travel poorly.
Informal To move swiftly.

That sums it up right there...
This is a must have for any Hip Hop producer. You can loop any 10 seconds, put some drums behind it, and have yourself an instrumental worthy of some verses. Listen, I'm not tryin to discredit the beat makers out there, or give away any tips, my point is that some of the sounds heard on this album are so smooth, it'll put you on another level. Lonnie Liston Smith (Not to be confused with Dr. Lonnie Smith) goes out there on this one...I mean OUT THERE! (sometimes, a lil too far for my taste) but he brings you back to where even the novices will feel it. The best time to listen to this is night time, home by yourself, or overlookin the city somewhere. If you're lucky enough to have both, then that's a MUST. This Brotha is on one, and when you're on one in the 70's lemme quote the 36 Chambers album by sayin, you can cook up some marvelous shit!

Astral Traveling

Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansion

more of the goodness...



Q-Tip - Renaissance Rap (Video)


Nas - The World is Yours (Kev Brown Remix)


I "found" this Kev Brown Instrumental, and I 'found' the Nas "The World is Yours" acapella.
Now I know the Mash-Up trend is dead and gone, but you'll like this remix.

hope you don't mind, Kev...

download it here.


Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple

Today marks one of the 30th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre.
This is a special that aired on PBS,
Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
There are no words to describe this tragedy.
May the members of the Peoples Temple rest in peace.
Total Running Time: 1:24:04

Raekwon (More Linx)

I've heard Cuban Linx 2 is set for release early next year. I think I've heard that same thing since 2001, so I really don't know what to expect. To be honest, I think Raekwon missed the window of his album being 'Highly Anticipated' because you can only keep cats waiting for so long. Rather the album drops in 2009, or 2029, here's a lil somethin to tie you Raekwon fans over (He was the hardest WU member in my opinion.)


this foo is trippin for this one...HAHA

Whose World is it... (Nas & Raekwon)

Chef's World

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It's Illmatic

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If there's one video you watch on this blog (or any Hip Hop blog, for that matter). let this be the one. All the youngstas that say "Why do so many people wish Hip Hop was the way it was in the mid 90's?" This well documented promo video for Nas' Illmatic album reminds you how much that album was hyped, and even more so, how it ended up being a classic. When you factor in everything...production, lyrics, content, EVERYTHING, it's easy to say that there will never be another Illmatic.


Ol' Dirty Bastard (Brooklyn Zoo)

This past week marked the 4 year anniversary of the untimely passing of Ol' Dirty Bastard. ODB, along with the rest of Wu-Tang, was a HUGE influence to me as a youngster, and it's fitting that I recognize that whenever possible. I can't really consider myself a devoted Wu fan, because after that second Wu double album, things were never really the same for me, but the 1st album, along with the 1st round of everyones solo albums (y'all know what I'm talkin about). That was the WU I knew and loved. Let me reference the

just so yall get a visual. Anyway, ODB wasn't the best lyricist, but he was a lyricist, something that he didn't really get credit for. His shtick got a lil tired, and he became sort of a laughing stock after Wu's heyday, but you cannot deny his lyrical capabilties on the verses on the 1st album, the energy and presence he brought to the entire group, the style and attention he commanded when he was on stage. He was one of a kind, and Hip Hop misses him.

"Brooklyn Zoo" was the single that had the biggest impact on me. When you talk about that New York, Raw, Gutta, Back Alley type Hip Hop, no song is more true than this one. I don't think ODB goes more that 4 bars with out a swear, and everytime this I hear this song, I stop what I'm doin, and sing every word tryin to sound just like him, thinkin for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds that I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. That's why I loved, and continue to love this music.

Brooklyn Zoo - The Video I remember

Brooklyn Zoo - Alternate Video

Brooklyn Zoo (Lord Digga Remix)

Lord Digga Remix
Original Instrumental
Remix Instrumental


Bernard Wright - 'Nard (1981)

If you never seen this album cover, I know what you're thinkin...who the fuck is this 'Lemar from Revenge of the Nerds' lookin, track suit wearin', baby afro havin, dude who calls him self 'Nard? Well, that's what I thought when I first saw this album. My boy who sold me this record at one of his record swaps, he was like "That shit is DOOOPE"...and I gotta saw, this is one of my favorite albums. Seriously. I haven't heard too much of his other stuff, but Keyboardist Bernard Wright displays an excellent fusion of Disco, Funk, and Jazz throughout the album. Most of these tracks you can play out in the club, and cats will be like 'What the fuck is that?!" (...in a good way of course.) This album has also had a TREMENDOUS influence on a few Hip Hop Classics (I'll let you listen for yourself), and there's samples throughout the album. I'll stop talkin about it and let you listen for yourself.

1. Haboglabotribin' - Bernard Wright, Don Blackman
2. Firebolt Hustle - Bernard Wright, Henry Grate, Jr.
3. Music Is the Key - Bernard Wright, Weldon Irvine,
4. Spinnin' - Bernard Wright, Alvin Flythe
5. Just Chillin' Out - Bernard Wright, Marcus Miller
6. Bread Sandwiches - Bernard Wright
7. Master Rocker - Bernard Wright, Ronnie Miller,
8. We're Just the Band - Bernard Wright, Henry Grate, Jr.
9. Solar - Bernard Wright, Miles Davis,

This is the back of the LP. I know it's a terrible quality picture, but I wanted you to see how corny this fool looks on the album! This one, you can definitely file under the 'Bad Album cover, Good Album' category.

Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love