O.J. Sentencing. Who Fell off Harder?

So I feel like a TMZ reporter because I'm watching the OJ Simpson sentencing today. You think of players that fell off. You may think of someone like Ken Griffey Jr. He's hit over 600 home runs, but when I was 15 years old, I would've thought he'd be at 1000 by now. Maybe you can throw in someone like Derrick Coleman, one of the most explosive offensive players in the NBA in is time. He was slowed by injury, but had a modest career, but he had Hall of Fame talent. But all the busts, and uncoachable players that couldn't stay in the league, and players injured too soon and lost their athleticism, the drug suspensions, and ALLLL the other shit that happens to these athletes, NONE of them fall harder than O.J. Well, maybe not. There's also a few others when you think...damn, what could've been. All they had to do was count their money, and play a kids game for a living. Here's a question, which athlete fell harder?
Mike Tyson, Maurice Clarrett, Michael Vick, Dwight Gooden, or O.J. Simpson

Now, me and my boy Lalo were havin a discussion. What constitutes a FALL OFF? I think it's wasted talent, while he thinks its a fall from grace. I'll let yall make the decision. Factor in EVERYTHING

Which Athlete Fell Off Harder?

Damn O.J. just couldn't lay low