Dwayne Wade - The Good Son

Those of you who watch sportscenter on a semi-regular basis know that ESPN has profile segments on various athelets and random people in the world od sport. In their attempts to make Sportscenter fit under the category of 'Family Programming' the producers will fill 5-10 minutes of the show with a heartwarming, touching story about a child who lost his dog, and whose parents divorced, and somehow gathered up enough will and strength to hit a bottom of the 7th inning home run to win the Little League Championship game. I always have a box of tissue close by.
But seriously, I saw this Ep of E:60, and they had a great story of Dwayne Wade and his relationship with his mother along his journey to NBA Stardom. The NBA is a star driven league, so a lot of people revere Dwayne Wade for his gifted athletic ability, but hearing about what he and his mother have overcome to get where they are, it will give you a whole new appreciation for D.Wade, and his mother is an inspiration to all.

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