Holiday Mixes from MLA

I can run down the line of Christmas songs I don't want to hear this year...and next year. And the year after that. Sometimes you'll get an artist get motivated by the holiday season and make a song, or sometimes they get overcome with Christmas spirit and make an entire album. Most of the time it's something that is heard during the seasons that the artist is popular, then it's just put on the back burner, like every other Christmas album (Generally speaking, I don't think I'll be listening to TLC's Christmas album, or Christmas on Death Row this year.)

If you're looking to get in to the Holiday spirit this year, and if you don't wanna drive down your block bumpin 'Little Drummer Boy', then you may wanna check out these mixes by my boy MLA a.k.a. Mike Flossin'. He's a long time homie, and he's doin his thang with the mixtape compilations.

So put up the Nativity scene in the front yard, put a reef on the hood of your car, spray the tree with the canned flock, put your lighters in the air, put your dong in a sweater, what ever you need to do to prep for Christmas...and bump these mixes.

Ooops, I didn't mean Christmas, I meant Christmakwanzika

Here's the links:

Holiday Lounge

Holiday Classics


Mighty Quinn said...

I will put my "dong" in a sweater. Thank you.

Haylow said...

LMAO, Damn, you caught me slippin! I won't change the typo, jus so the comment makes sense.

Spell Check won't catch that!

MLA said...

I keep my dong in a sweater. BALEEDAT!