Damu the Fudgemunk - Spare Time

More of the same from Damu the Fudgemunk...

This one is Spare Time

Damu the Fudgemunk - Over Time

Never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a producer by his name. Damu the Fudgemunk may not gaiin a lot of street cred, but PLEASE do not sleep on these Instrumentals! He released two projects that were free downloads in the past year or so, I recently stumbled upon them, and I'm definitely glad I did.

This is music for all occasions.

This one is Over Time


Kanye West & GLC

Ye is at it again..this one inspires me.


Spittaz Vol 1

I found this on my boy DJ Phatrick's blog.
Big ups to all the cats who graced this video.

AZ - The Format (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Honestly, this is in my TOP 10 DJ Premier beats. I hate to say Primo fell of, but...I can't even say it! But this one is ridiculous! One thing Primo hasn't lost are the Cuts, he always comes widdit with the scratches...but I always thought that the 'AZ' scratch in this song sounds like he's sayin 'Gay-Z' (maybe it's some subliminal beef!) But seriously, Primo invented the scratch sentence, and no one can so it like him.

Anyway, check the Video, this is one of those that you might not have seen before.

This song goes to show that IF AZ has the right beat, NO ONE can fuck with him!

AZ - The Come Up


Chico Hamilton - The Dealer

In my most humble opinion, Jazz drummers play the background to all other instruments, literally and musically. Me being a (former) percussionist, I definitely appreciate the Drums in any type of music more than just a casual listener, and I am also well aware of the impossible task of mastering Jazz percussion. This album by Jazz drummer Chico Hamilton does not feature blarring solos, and there aren't too many 'look-at-me' moments from Chico, in fact it is an album that is on the smoother vibe, with even some Blues undertone. This album reinstates the famous Jazz qoute, "The best musicians know when not to play".

If it's sunny where you are, you'll enjoy this album even more!


(pls. note that I ripped this from my own wax, and it only had 7 tracks. The CD re-release has 11 total tracks.)

1. The Dealer
2. For Mods Only
3. A Trip
4. Baby, You Know
5. Larry Of Arabia
6. Thoughts
7. Jim-Jeannie


AZ feat. Nas Mo Money Mo Murder

Probably my favorite Nas and AZ joints (STILL waitin for the album)


AZ - Gimme Yours (Pete Rock & Erick Sermon)

Pete Rock Version

Which version of AZ 'Gimme Yours' do you like better?

Erick Sermon Remix

Roc Marciano - Snow (live at Temple Bar 2008)

Pete Rock Joints

I'm gonna stay on Pete Rock one more time. Check out these joints from the personal library. Each one is Ill!

YGz - Street Nigga
Rob-O - So Many Rappers
PJs - Pete Rock
C.L. Smooth - Back on the Block
U.N. - Fall Back
Roc Marciano - Game of Death
Da Youngstaz - Iz You Wit Me
Black Thought - Listen 2 This
U.N. - Nothin Lesser
U.N. - Pimpin Ain't Easy
C.L. Smooth - Specialized
Common - The Bitch in Yoo

Get em Here

Pete Rock samples "Love is a Battlefield"


Pete Rock Says He Was Jerked Over "Juicy"

(from www.hiphopdx.com)
September 23rd, 2008 | Author: Jake Paine

To many fans of Notorious B.I.G., his biggest hit was his solo debut single "Juicy." The memorable verse was attached to a James Mtume-sample laced creation, with production credited to Diddy, as well as The Trackmasters' Poke.

After August saw the release of Ready to Die: The OG Edition [click to listen], the debut album, released by DJ Semi, in the form of the album's demo, fans were able to hear alternative versions of the album that went platinum almost 14 years ago.

Included on the collection was a rare version of "Juicy," produced by none other than Hip Hop super-producer Pete Rock [click to read]. The 20-year veteran's version, long mistakenly thought to be a remix, predated the Diddy version, which featured an alternate chorus and different melody. After a recent interview with Grandgood.com, Rock revealed that he may have been sample-jacked by Diddy for one of Hip Hop's biggest anthems.

"Biggie and Sean came to my house one day and ['Juicy'] was playing on my drum machine," revealed Pete Rock. "Biggie thought I was making it for C.L. [Smooth]. When I told him I was just making it for myself, he immediately wanted it. I said sure, but didn’t think much of it. Then, next thing I know, I heard it playing somewhere. I’m over it now though."

In the rest of the interview, Pete Rock explains more from that recording. He says that to him, the matter was settled when he was paid, for what was billed as a remix.

Asked further about his sentiments of the deal, Pete Rock, simply stated, "Really though, I just wish Biggie was still alive for me to work with him."

Mecalicious - Hope the World Don't Stop b/w How You Feel

While we're on the subject, I got some RARE 12 ish for you. When I used to dig, I would collect everything I'd see that was Pete Rock, including all his affiliates. Most of Rob-O's 12" would be some weird label, where you couldn't tell if it was bootlegged or not...but this is a 12" from Mecalicious, who was featured on the 'Fakin Jax' Remix. Other than that, I'm not too sure what else he did (help anyone?)

Anyway, peep these joints. It's quintessential Pete Rock production. I also want to note that the sound quality is a little foggy, but that's how the song sounded on record. It definitely adds to the raw appeal.

Get it Here

I admit...I got the pic from online, but I SWEAR I GOT THIS 12" :)

picture provided by underfuneck.blogspot.com


Soul Brother Selections: Pete Rock Productions - Mixed by DJ Haylow

======> Click Here to Download <=======

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Haylow's Soul Brother Intro
Dorothy Ashby - Cause I Need It
I.n.I - Fakin' Jax
I.n.I feat. Mecalicious - Fakin Jax (Remix)
AZ - Your World Won't Stop
Pete Rock - Soul Brother 1
Large Professor & Pete Rock - Rap World
Black Star feat. Black Thought - Respiration (Pete Rock Remix)
Rob O. - Wonderlust
J-Live feat. Asheru & Blue Black - Kick it to the Beat
Big L. - Holdin' it Down
All City - Priceless
The U.N. - How Ya Want It
Raekwon & Pete Rock - The Game
The Coasters - Down Home Girl
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth feat. Grand Puba - Skinz
Mic Geronimo - Unstoppable
Pete Rock & Grand Agent - This is What They Meant
Donald Byrd - Places and Spaces
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Places & Spaces
Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell (Pete Rock Remix)
Raekwon - Sneakers
Public Enemy - Shut 'em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Gimmie Your Love
#1 Soul Brother - Pete Rock
Slum Village feat. Pete Rock - Once Upon a Time
Pete Rock & J. Dilla - Niggas Know
Rob O. - Props
HaYLoW's Soul Brother Outro

I wanted to share one of my favorite mixes with my peoples, it's a mix dedicated to one of the greatest Hip Hop producers to ever make a beat...
Peter Phillips, a.k.a. Pete Rock. This is a mix that I did over a year ago, but as most of y'all already know, Pete's production is timeless. The mix is entitled
Soul Brother Selections: Pete Rock Productions, and Feel free to share this mix with who ever, and feel free to post this mix where ever you see fit.

I'd also like to give a shout to Rob a.k.a. Tres from Trust Your Struggle collective for hookin up the artwork. Check him out at beatdontstop@gmail.com and at http://www.myspace.com/mrroberttrujillo


Pete Rock is undoubtedly one the most influential producers to ever
grace the Hip Hop scene. His well rounded versatility has been proven by
working with some of Hip Hop's best lyricisists, and Pete Rock has always
been a contributer of lyrics to his own productions. Mastering the obselete
drum machine (SP-1200), his production is second to none. Having the
ability of combining the smoothest, most melodic samples with
unfiltered, gritty drums is something that many of the best producers
cannot imulate. Pete Rock is a legend in the game, having a catalog
that spans over 15 years, and has collaborated with some of the best
personalities in Hip Hop. From T.R.O.Y., to Soul Survivor, to Nature Sounds,
Pete Rock is one of the greatest producers of all time.






Yankee Stadium

I never got a chance to meet you, but I wish I got the chance.
I know the stories, and heard so many great things.
I never liked the crew you rolled with, in fact,
I hated them.

but they had my respect.

I know your stories, Ive heard your speeches.
I know the people you have let into your presence.

You have stood the test of time.

There will never be another.


Blue and Mindframe - Johnson and Johnson

Q-Tip - Gettin Up


Curtis Mayfield - Roots (1971)


I'm usually picky about my vocalists, but no one can deny the greatness of Curtis Mayfield. This album is as dope is the cover. If you know me, you know I don't post wack shit..so why would this be any different! If you don;t know Curtis, get to know him. If you already know him, then you feel me.

Mayfield is Soul in it's purest form.

His legacy lives on.


1. “Get Down” (Curtis Mayfield) – 5:45
2. “Keep On Keeping On” (Mayfield) – 5:08
3. “Underground” (Mayfield) – 5:15
4. “We Got To Have Peace” (Mayfield) – 4:44
5. “Beautiful Brother of Mine” (Mayfield) – 7:23
6. “Now You're Gone” (Mayfield, Joseph Scott) – 6:50
7. “Love to Keep You in My Mind” (Mayfield)

(re-released bonus tracks)
8. "Underground [demo version]" (Curtis Mayfield) – 3:17
9. "Get Down [Single edit]" (Mayfield) – 3:55
10. "We Got to Have Peace [Single edit]" (Mayfield) – 3:39
11. "Beautiful Brother of Mine [Single edit]" (Mayfield) – 3:09

Little Brother - Speed (Video)

I'm not sure if this is the official Video, but they're all in it, so i guess it is! Classic LB joint, but I just found out there was a video, so I wanted to share.

Big Pooh, Joe Scudda, Chaundon - Plastic Cups (Video)

One of my favorite Dilla beats...


Big Pooh - Rapper's Delight

01 Intro (prod. Tha Warriorz)
02 Rapper’s Delight f. Chaundon (prod. Nottz)
03 Roll Call
04 Plastic Cups f. Chaundon & Joe Scudda (prod. J Dilla)
05 Reality Check f. Big Dho, Mykestro & D. Black (prod. Khrysis)
06 Respect It f. Illa J & Bishop Lamont (prod. J Dilla)
07 Nobody Like Me f. Roscoe Umali & Styliztic Jones (prod. Focus)
08 Dusty f. O-Dash (prod. Nick Speed)
09 Dumb It Down
10 Money f. Frank Nitte & O-Dash
11 Crazy
12 With You (prod. 9th Wonder)
13 Geez Like Deez f. Quan (prod. Illmind)
14 Regular Nigga f. Ab Soul
15 Text Me (All Star Remix) f. Talib Kweli, Parker Brothaz & Naledge (prod. Tha Bizness)
16 Rapernessmo


Genesis - Kidz in the Street (Prod by Ayatollah)

Stop what you're doin...watch...listen...

Download it here.


Josh Howard says...

This is the youtube video of the day that has the ultra conservative sports world standing on their head. Josh Howard referring to the National Anthem sayin "I don't support that shit".

Of course ESPN is gonna take it and run with it, but it was interesting reading the youtube comments. I can't believe (well, maybe I can) all the racist comments that were posted with no regard or insight, but I guess people are in their alter-ego when behind their computer. If you want MY 2 cents, I feel that he has the right to say what he feels, and what he feels is that the Star Spangled Banner does not represent Black People...and It Doesn't. If I'm not mistaken, when that song was written, there were people that looked just like Josh Howard that were in shackles, sewing the fabric of what is now modern day America. The Constitution was not inclusive to women or people of color. This country has been built on the backs of people of color, most of which have been discriminated by overt and subliminal racism. Josh Howard's financial success is a result of American Capitalism, and maybe he doesn't realize that (and someone should tell him if he doesn't), but he also knows that he is one of the chosen few..and there are millions of African Americans in this country that don't live a life that's remotely close to that of Howard's. I feel that his statement could be a statement for others who may have felt like this country hasn't acknowledged them.

Only in this day and age, where a 10 second video clip of some NBA player in his off season mumbling into a cell phone camera would sweep the sports nation my storm, but at the same time, I feel like this is a big deal, because you rarely hear athletes, especially African American athletes in this modern day era say anything controversial regarding race or politics. I wouldn't necessarily call this taking a stance, but it does get peoples attention. Muhammad Ali took a stance on the Vietnam war, famously saying "Vietnam never called me Nigger" and the Star Spangled Banner is the National Anthem, but it IS a song that glorifies war. (Josh Howard is no Muhammad Ali, but you get the point) I feel that If you do not support the war, then you cannot agree with the lyrics of the National Anthem, therefor you do not support it. I don't want to do any thinking for anyone or tell someone how they should think, but when it comes to patriotism in this country, it means so many different things to everyone. Let the man have his platform, and let him say what he wants to say!

Black Milk - Music from the Color Purple


You gotta love it when producers give away free beats, especially when it's Black Milk givin away beats! I've heard the critism that he sounds like Dilla, or his beats sound like Dilla, but I disagree. You can definitely find similarities in the two, but Black Milk has a style of his own. The ruggedness of his sound is hard to match, and it's especially notable to know that he samples, and can still produce a certifed banger. When you include his B.R.Gunna projects, he's got an extensice catalog of heat, so thsis young cat has earned respect in the game!

In this project, he samples one of your favorite albums (I'll let you figure out what it is when you listen) and i gotta say...it's impressive. I know I say this about everything I post, but Its a Classic!

This is the TRUTH! Download it here!


Freestyle Battle Translated

Royce da 5'9" - The Bar Exam 2 (mixed by Green Lantern)

Get it HERE courtesy of www.hiphopdx.com


My thoughts on the mix...it's cool, he definitely sounds like he got somethin to prove. To be honest, I haven't heard Royce in a while, and he sounds a lot different than I remember. Just like 90% of the cats out there, I like his old sound better, but it's still a good mixtape. Definitely worth a listen.


Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)
Rest in Peace

There has not been a figure like Tupac in Hip Hop.
The ability to inspire millions of people all over the world, from all walks of life.
His work as been dissected in institutions of Higher Learning,
and it's the voice of the street.
The self-confidence and intelligence he spoke with at such a young age.
The complexity of speaking about the state of the world
while being a Hip Hop icon.
He was the Muhammad Ali of Rap.

He died too soon.

He died when he was submerged in media fueled turmoil,
when he was the face of gangsta rap,
when he was in the middle of the notorious "east coast/west coast beef".

He had multiple personalities which made him difficult to understand at times,
but being the son of a panther,
you knew where his heart stood.
He was an actor.
Not those rappers that act.
Not one of those rappers who play the same roll on the
movie screen that they play on records.
He was an ACTOR.

Tupac was not finished delivering his message.

What if Malcolm X died before he went to prison?
What if Muhammad Ali died when he was Cassius?
What if Marvin Gaye died before 'What's Goin On?'

When I hear the question "What would Hip Hop be if Tupac was still alive"?
The most common response is "Half of these niggaz wouldn't be in the game!!"
It's hard to say.
My response is, he would have been refined.
He would have been uplifting the youth, while making them dance at the same time.
He would have reached more people.

Tupac is now a martyr.
His life is still examined and interpolated by millions,
but we'll never know.

He will always be in the game, and he will always be with us.

He will always be missed.

The picture above is one of the best photos of Tupac. I feel it incompasses everything about his life, struggle, personality, and vision.

This is Tupac from my perspective, and he touched so many people, each in different ways. If you would like to share something, pls leave a comment.

Tupac - Pain

Probably my favorite Tupac song


Tupac 17 years old

Tupac - Brenda's Got A Baby

Tupac - Keep Ya Head Up

Tupac & Scarface - Smile

Tupac on Arsenio Hall

Tupac & Biggie Freestyle


Geto Boyz - Crooked Officer

I posted this because Jay-Z referred in the "Jockin' Jay-Z' joint.


Baraky II



Cal Tjader & Charlie Byrd - Tambu

I gotta drop another gem on ya, since I missed last week. Cal Tjader is one of my favorites, and his Latin Jazz fusion is second to none. I don't know much about Charlie Byrd, but together, these two make some real nice elevator music! But seriously, this is perfect for that day at the beach, it'll make you feel like you're in Martinique or somethin! It's also good for the cubicle, because it'll make work a whole lot easier. pls enjoy.

You need this in yo life!

1. Tambu (Tombo in 7/4)
2. Tereza My Love
3. Black Narcissus
4. Sad Eyes
5. My Cherie Amour
6. San Francisco River
7. Samba de Oneida
8. Don't Lend Your Guitar to Anyone :: Violao Nao Se Empresta A Ninguem

Cal Tjader - vibraphone, timbales
John Heard - bass
John Heard - bass
Charlie Byrd - acoustic & electric guitars
Michael Smithe - congas
Joe Byrd - electric bass
Mayuto Correa - percussion
Mike Stephans
Mike Wolff - acoustic & electric pianos

Grant Green - Street of Dreams


There are many sides to Grant Green, and not saying this is his best work, but its definitely one of my favorites. Most Hip Hop heads know Grant Green for the funky Jazz sound that was displayed on a couple of his well known breaks, but this album is really on some smooth ish. Guitar is probably my favorite Jazz instrument (mainly because its not the most common instrument) and this album is special to me because of the cover, which is the corner of Grant and Green streets in San Francisco's North Beach district. SF's North Beach district was a hub for Jazz many decades ago, now it's just a place where you see people throwin up on the curb after a club, or someone tryin to act hard, or some stripper tryin to hit on you. Anyway, Please peep this album, and lemme say again that this is just one example of the vast library of Mr. Green.

DOWNLOAD this Brilliant piece of work HERE


1. I Wish You Love
2. Lazy Afternoon
3. Street Of Dreams
4. Somewhere In The Night

Guitar - Grant Green
Organ - Larry Young
Drummer - Elvin Jones
Vibes - Bobby Hutcherson


AZ & Papoose - Knowledge is Freedom

these two made SURE this was gonna be a lyrical schoolin...Photobucket Image Hosting



I refuse to post that bullshit. You gotta go somewhere else for that!

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

I ain't even gonna let you listen to the audio. JUS DOWNLOAD IT! Reviews are like OJ's children...mixed. Let's just say that Kanye is trying to propel himself into Mega-Star status, and he's trying to reach a new demographic...and it sure as hell ain't the Hip Hop Demographic! Sall good tho, if anyone can do it, Kanye can.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Get it Here

Loose Change Documentary



Put On - The Dream Remix

The Dream definitely reps well over the 'Put On' Instrumental. Honestly, he reps a lil harder than the original! (I personally think Jay-Z doesn't come as hard as he could have on his verse) Check the video, and download the audio...

Get the Audio HERE


Smif-n-Wesson Freestyle

Get the Audio HERE

Smif-n Wesson - Sound Bwoy Buriell

Smif-n Wesson - Bucktown

Everything is Heltah Skeltah

Ruck and Rock were one of the illest duos in the 90's, and it's good to see them back! I felt like I was the only one on the west bumpin the BCC ish back in the day, but I know they had heads on the west coast.

Im'a take yall down memory lane, or if you don't remember, THIS is what got me into it. I just remember the Lefluh video comin out like two years befor anything else came out. I think it may even proceed 'Bucktown', but I'm pretty sure it wasn't before 'Who got the Props'.

This is also back when EVERY member in a given group had dreads.

What makes this one was it was produced by E-Swift from the Alkaholiks...not too many westcoast producers were messin with East Coast cats back then. It also had that sound that the alpha numeric pagers made, which also puts an unusual time stamp on the song. You GOT to be at LEAST 27 to know what I'm talkin about!!


Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans

one of the most vicious KOs I've evers seen...

Chris Berman flips his lid

Just in case you haven't seen it...it's hilarious...

Football Season

In my absence (which I won't meantion again), I failed to meantion the most wonderful time of the year...the beginning of football season! My one friend texted me and said, "It's better than Xmas", and that pretty much sums it up. I had a smile on my face all day thinking about watching college and NFL games for the rest of the year, and the greatest sprots month of the year, October. My Saturdays and Sundays are now booked...

..and lemme tell ya'll about my fantasy team, not that I'm a fantasy geek (yet), but let me tell you about the horrible mistakes I made with my team.
I started Jon Kitna, and benched Drew Brees, and on BOTH of my fantasy teams, I benched Michael Turner. G'head, laugh it up.

I'm embarassed.

Haylow says...

Sometimes you have to take a break, especially when involved in life changing situations. I'e grieved the passing of my friend, but as he would say, "The show must go on".

I have also been in relocation mode, and I've been busy with my move.

Goodbye San Francisco, hello Los Angeles.

San Francisco has been my home for 10 years, and I've esperienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows. Without reminiscing too much, I'd like to take the chance to thank all who have helped me, and those who have loved me, and those who have appreciated me.

San Francisco will always be my home.


Don LaFontaine (1940-2008)

Rest in Peace. You will most definitely be missed.

He was a personal and dear friend of my family. He was a father, a husband, and an amazing talent. His name is unknown to most, but he is respected by all.
He will never be replaced, and his indelible mark on the entertainment industry will never be forgotten. I admired him for his work and I was fortunate to know him in his personal life.

The picture I chose was one that I felt fit his personality...serious, but you couldn't take him seriously. Humble, but he knew who he was. Intimidating and hilarious at the same time. When you met him, you knew he was sombody.

He was truly the greatest.

(taken from Entertainment Tonight online)
Voiceover Master Don LaFontaine has died. He was 68.

LaFontaine, known as the "King of Voiceovers," died Monday afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. LaFontaine's agent, Vanessa Gilbert, tells ET that he passed away following complications from Pneumothorax, the presence of air or gas in the pleural cavity, the result of a collapsed lung. The official cause of death has not yet been released.

Over the past 25 years, LaFontaine cemented his position as the "King of Voiceovers." Aside from being the preeminent voice in the movie trailer industry, Don also worked as the voice of Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, as well as for CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and UPN, in addition to TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network. By conservative estimates, he voiced hundreds of thousands of television and radio spots, including commercials for Chevrolet, Pontiac, Ford, Budweiser, McDonalds, Coke, and many other corporate sponsors.

He recently parodied himself on a series of national television commercials for Geico. At last count, he has worked on nearly 5000 films, including appearances as the in-show announcer for the Screen Actors Guild and Academy Awards. Based on contracts signed, he has the distinction of being perhaps the single busiest actor in the history of SAG. Don is survived by his wife -- singer/actress Nita Whitaker, and three children: Christine, Skye and Elyse

Dead Prez - Turn Off the Radio

This song was on one of the best emcee mixtapes ever.

Download Dead Prez - Turn Off the Radio - The Mixtape, Volume One