Black Milk - Music from the Color Purple


You gotta love it when producers give away free beats, especially when it's Black Milk givin away beats! I've heard the critism that he sounds like Dilla, or his beats sound like Dilla, but I disagree. You can definitely find similarities in the two, but Black Milk has a style of his own. The ruggedness of his sound is hard to match, and it's especially notable to know that he samples, and can still produce a certifed banger. When you include his B.R.Gunna projects, he's got an extensice catalog of heat, so thsis young cat has earned respect in the game!

In this project, he samples one of your favorite albums (I'll let you figure out what it is when you listen) and i gotta say...it's impressive. I know I say this about everything I post, but Its a Classic!

This is the TRUTH! Download it here!