Everything is Heltah Skeltah

Ruck and Rock were one of the illest duos in the 90's, and it's good to see them back! I felt like I was the only one on the west bumpin the BCC ish back in the day, but I know they had heads on the west coast.

Im'a take yall down memory lane, or if you don't remember, THIS is what got me into it. I just remember the Lefluh video comin out like two years befor anything else came out. I think it may even proceed 'Bucktown', but I'm pretty sure it wasn't before 'Who got the Props'.

This is also back when EVERY member in a given group had dreads.

What makes this one was it was produced by E-Swift from the Alkaholiks...not too many westcoast producers were messin with East Coast cats back then. It also had that sound that the alpha numeric pagers made, which also puts an unusual time stamp on the song. You GOT to be at LEAST 27 to know what I'm talkin about!!