Grant Green - Street of Dreams


There are many sides to Grant Green, and not saying this is his best work, but its definitely one of my favorites. Most Hip Hop heads know Grant Green for the funky Jazz sound that was displayed on a couple of his well known breaks, but this album is really on some smooth ish. Guitar is probably my favorite Jazz instrument (mainly because its not the most common instrument) and this album is special to me because of the cover, which is the corner of Grant and Green streets in San Francisco's North Beach district. SF's North Beach district was a hub for Jazz many decades ago, now it's just a place where you see people throwin up on the curb after a club, or someone tryin to act hard, or some stripper tryin to hit on you. Anyway, Please peep this album, and lemme say again that this is just one example of the vast library of Mr. Green.

DOWNLOAD this Brilliant piece of work HERE


1. I Wish You Love
2. Lazy Afternoon
3. Street Of Dreams
4. Somewhere In The Night

Guitar - Grant Green
Organ - Larry Young
Drummer - Elvin Jones
Vibes - Bobby Hutcherson


sasha said...

Hi there!! Great call..This is one hella of a session..I'm afraid Grant just goes under the radar of most musicians..Shame..One question..Is this a vinyl rip or the cd re-issue you've posted here? I'd love to hear this session on wax even if its crackle and pop most of the time!!