Mecalicious - Hope the World Don't Stop b/w How You Feel

While we're on the subject, I got some RARE 12 ish for you. When I used to dig, I would collect everything I'd see that was Pete Rock, including all his affiliates. Most of Rob-O's 12" would be some weird label, where you couldn't tell if it was bootlegged or not...but this is a 12" from Mecalicious, who was featured on the 'Fakin Jax' Remix. Other than that, I'm not too sure what else he did (help anyone?)

Anyway, peep these joints. It's quintessential Pete Rock production. I also want to note that the sound quality is a little foggy, but that's how the song sounded on record. It definitely adds to the raw appeal.

Get it Here

I admit...I got the pic from online, but I SWEAR I GOT THIS 12" :)

picture provided by underfuneck.blogspot.com


Shaun D. aka Wicked said...

Yo whattup Haylow! I love Mekolicious... It's a shame Pete never put out Meko's album THE RUDE YOUTH properly. Meko ended up growing tired of the industry politics and quit. That's the same story with Deda Baby Pa. Anyways, check this Mekolicious Discography I put together the other day...

Mekolicious Discography...

‘The Youth’ (1996)
-White Label 12" from 1997. Song also from Meko's 1997 Demo Tape.
http://www.mediafire.com/?mdhjl2zyjmm (160 kbps - Better quality version with a fade out at the end)

‘I Hope The World Don't Stop’ / ‘How You Feel’ (1996)
-White Label 12" from 1997. Both Songs also from Meko's 1997 Demo Tape.

‘Strange Fruit (Original Version)’ feat. Tragedy, Pete Rock & Noreaga (1997)
-White Label 12" from 1997. Song also from Meko's 1997 Demo Tape.

‘Verbal Murda’ feat. Buddha Monk (1996)
-From Meko's 1997 Demo Tape.

‘Verbal Murda (Version 2)’ feat. Pete Rock (1997)
-Unreleased - http://www.mediafire.com/?ijoiglwltmz (128 kbps)
(This is the same beat Pete ended up using for ‘Verbal Murda 2’ on his SOUL SURVIVOR album in 1998)

‘What You Waiting For’ feat. Rob-O (1996)
-Appears on Rob-O's RHYME PRO album as ‘Mention Me’. The instrumental for this song also appeared on the 1st version of PeteStrumentals.

‘Slow It Down (Rewind That Part)’ (1996)
-Appears on the Japanese version of Rob-O's RHYME PRO album as ‘Vernon Villains’ even though Rob-O is not featured. Song is produced by Grap Luva.

‘Mek & Stax’ (1997)
-Unreleased - http://www.mediafire.com/?myw4tznwidn (128 kbps)
(Stax Dough was the alter-ego of Mekolicious)

‘Meccalicious’ (1995)
-HipHopSite.com 7" from 2003. This song is actually just a Freestyle/Warm-Up Session with Pete Red that was unofficially called ‘One Time’.

‘Fakin Jax (Rude Youth Mix)’ (1996)
-InI feat. Pete Rock & Mekolicious - Elektra 12" Single from 1996.

‘Grown Man Sport’ (1995)
-InI feat. Mekolicious - CENTER OF ATTENTION album from 1996.

This guy was ILL!! He first appeared on record in early ’96 on the InI single ‘Fakin Jax (Rude Youth Mix)’ which was the dirty version and ‘Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Mix)’ which was the clean version. As you probably read in the Unsigned Hype, Pete Rock produced his 1997 demo tape. There's always been the rumor about the very rare white label pressing of The Rude Youth EP (or even album), but I've never seen it or even read about it online. Also, the song ‘The Youth’ (or ‘Youth’) was pressed up on a white label 12", but I don't have it and I've never seen anyone post it online and there's pretty much no info about it ANYWHERE! I remember a few years ago someone on UGHH said they had that 12” and they were supposed to post it, but they ended up just posting a poor quality (64 kbps) radio rip which is what's been floating around since.