Tupac - Pain

Probably my favorite Tupac song



MLA said...

Mine too. I remember you could only get this on the tape version of the Above the Rim soundtrack and not the cd. Classic.

I know I left out a few, but here's a quick Top 10 off the dome...
#2. Who Do You Believe In
#3. Words of a Lost Soldier
#4. Temptations
#5. When My Homiez Call
#6. Trapped
#7. Cradle to the Grave
#8. I'd rather Be Ya N!gg@
#9. I See Death Around the Corner
#10. Representin' '93

Scott said...

nice. i was jus lookin for this one.. did the version on tape have a different intro without the talking?? i forget.. but yeh if you get the chance post up my mixtape if u can that would be dope heres the link
-scotty doooo (sf)