Josh Howard says...

This is the youtube video of the day that has the ultra conservative sports world standing on their head. Josh Howard referring to the National Anthem sayin "I don't support that shit".

Of course ESPN is gonna take it and run with it, but it was interesting reading the youtube comments. I can't believe (well, maybe I can) all the racist comments that were posted with no regard or insight, but I guess people are in their alter-ego when behind their computer. If you want MY 2 cents, I feel that he has the right to say what he feels, and what he feels is that the Star Spangled Banner does not represent Black People...and It Doesn't. If I'm not mistaken, when that song was written, there were people that looked just like Josh Howard that were in shackles, sewing the fabric of what is now modern day America. The Constitution was not inclusive to women or people of color. This country has been built on the backs of people of color, most of which have been discriminated by overt and subliminal racism. Josh Howard's financial success is a result of American Capitalism, and maybe he doesn't realize that (and someone should tell him if he doesn't), but he also knows that he is one of the chosen few..and there are millions of African Americans in this country that don't live a life that's remotely close to that of Howard's. I feel that his statement could be a statement for others who may have felt like this country hasn't acknowledged them.

Only in this day and age, where a 10 second video clip of some NBA player in his off season mumbling into a cell phone camera would sweep the sports nation my storm, but at the same time, I feel like this is a big deal, because you rarely hear athletes, especially African American athletes in this modern day era say anything controversial regarding race or politics. I wouldn't necessarily call this taking a stance, but it does get peoples attention. Muhammad Ali took a stance on the Vietnam war, famously saying "Vietnam never called me Nigger" and the Star Spangled Banner is the National Anthem, but it IS a song that glorifies war. (Josh Howard is no Muhammad Ali, but you get the point) I feel that If you do not support the war, then you cannot agree with the lyrics of the National Anthem, therefor you do not support it. I don't want to do any thinking for anyone or tell someone how they should think, but when it comes to patriotism in this country, it means so many different things to everyone. Let the man have his platform, and let him say what he wants to say!