Cal Tjader & Charlie Byrd - Tambu

I gotta drop another gem on ya, since I missed last week. Cal Tjader is one of my favorites, and his Latin Jazz fusion is second to none. I don't know much about Charlie Byrd, but together, these two make some real nice elevator music! But seriously, this is perfect for that day at the beach, it'll make you feel like you're in Martinique or somethin! It's also good for the cubicle, because it'll make work a whole lot easier. pls enjoy.

You need this in yo life!

1. Tambu (Tombo in 7/4)
2. Tereza My Love
3. Black Narcissus
4. Sad Eyes
5. My Cherie Amour
6. San Francisco River
7. Samba de Oneida
8. Don't Lend Your Guitar to Anyone :: Violao Nao Se Empresta A Ninguem

Cal Tjader - vibraphone, timbales
John Heard - bass
John Heard - bass
Charlie Byrd - acoustic & electric guitars
Michael Smithe - congas
Joe Byrd - electric bass
Mayuto Correa - percussion
Mike Stephans
Mike Wolff - acoustic & electric pianos