Chico Hamilton - The Dealer

In my most humble opinion, Jazz drummers play the background to all other instruments, literally and musically. Me being a (former) percussionist, I definitely appreciate the Drums in any type of music more than just a casual listener, and I am also well aware of the impossible task of mastering Jazz percussion. This album by Jazz drummer Chico Hamilton does not feature blarring solos, and there aren't too many 'look-at-me' moments from Chico, in fact it is an album that is on the smoother vibe, with even some Blues undertone. This album reinstates the famous Jazz qoute, "The best musicians know when not to play".

If it's sunny where you are, you'll enjoy this album even more!


(pls. note that I ripped this from my own wax, and it only had 7 tracks. The CD re-release has 11 total tracks.)

1. The Dealer
2. For Mods Only
3. A Trip
4. Baby, You Know
5. Larry Of Arabia
6. Thoughts
7. Jim-Jeannie