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Obama got next...

I'm not too sure how to feel about this. It's inspiring, offensive, and hilarious all at the same time.


Don't Tell Mama, Vote Obama

Message: Rating 10/10
Effort: Rating 10/10
Beat, Rhymes, Flow, Video...I'll let yall decide.


Barack Obama is Down!

I watched most of yesterdays action of the 2008 Democratic Convention, and I was impressed with running mate Joe Biden's speech, having the platform to say things that maybe Obama couldn't have said. I think that being in more of a supportive role, you are able to trash the other side a little more, and you don't have to have the responsibility of being so diplomatic. All n all, I thought his speech was very well said.

Then surprise guest Barack Obama came out (what a surprise) and of course, the crowd erupted. Besides the fact that Obama and Biden's greeting looked a little TOO friendly, I couldn't ignore the fact that he said "Last night, Hillary Clinton 'Rocked the House'"...man, THAT'S why I want this man as my next President.

But Barack was not to be outdone before news Journalist Katie Couric said he was "Givin Props" to his campaign supporters. NEVER IN MY LIFE did I think I would watch the DNC and hear about the Presidental Candidate 'giving props' to supporters. Man, I thought I was down, but I got some work to do!

Part 1 of Joe Biden's Speech (you can find the rest on youtube)

Opio - Don Julio Live in SF, CA

Big ups to the homie Opio from Hiero. I peeped him at a show last night, and they never disapoint! Hiero is one of the hardest working groups in the Hip Hop game, and have always been ahead of everyone else, from styles and flows, to Hip Hop marketing and promotion. Also, these are some of the coolest people I've had the chance to meet and interview. Definite Bay Area Legends. Keep doin ya thing Opio!

Opio - Orginal Lyricist / Heatish LIVE


Michelle Obama Speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention

One of the most inspirational people I've heard in a long time.

DJ Mizzo - After School Breaks


Everyone has that friend that has crazy talent, and then they let their god given gifts fade to where their prior mastery is just a mere afterthought. My old friend DJ Mizzo is one of those cats. Mizzo and I DJed together for many years before he decided to hang it up, but before he left the game, he did this mix entitled "After School Breaks" in 2004, and besides about 30 burned copies, the CD never really hit the stores, the streets, or the web.

I guess long awaited is an understatement, but let me sat that this is one of the illest funk and breakbeat mixes I've ever heard. It's got some of the craziest drum loops that smack you in the face, some of which are hard to believe they were actually played at one time. After School Breaks gives you a deep appreciation for Funk that digs way further than the big names in the Funk world.

This mix is also a tribute to Mizzo's record collection. He was, and still is one of the most knowledgeable diggers and record collectors in the Bay, and his insight with music is something that is unparallel. This mix PRE-DATES the serato explosion, and is mixed with ALL ORIGINAL LP's and 45s.

If you like Funky horns, open drums and break beats, soulful bass lines and rhythms, mixed with the precision of one of the nicest DJ's, you definitely need this mix.

CLICK HERE to download After School Breaks - Mixed by DJ Mizzo

listen here...

In an attempt to show Mizzo how tight this mix is, and how the DJ world needs him back in the game, please leave a comment if you download the mix, or after you listen, please show your appreciation! Thank you in advance.


Nas - War is Necessary


Get it HERE


Wale - The Artistic Integrity

I told you...I'm a fan! I like everything about this joint...the song, the video, the beat, the message...keep doin ya thang Wale!

Download this track HERE


T.I., Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne - Swagger Like Us


This is one you don't get every day. It's good to see these heavyweights bringin the Posse cuts back. We need more of that unity in the game nowadays. This on may turn out to be a classic! Somethin to listen to on your way to the club tonight. DJ's...If you download this and play it tonight, don't forget to shout out ya boy DJ Haylow on the mic! hahaha

GET IT HERE!!!!!!!!!

Video of the Cuban Tae Kwon Do Fighter Kicking the Referee at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

"I'm gettin gold, or I'm gonna kick you in the face!" Cuban Kickboxer Ángel Matos said to the referee. Well, he didn't win gold, so...


Marvin Gaye USA Basketball Nike commercial

Usually I like to keep my musicians and commercials separate, especially when dealing with cats from yesteryear, and ESPECIALLY when dealing with the deceased...but I'm gonna have to bend a little on this one. Nike, with the BEST advertising campaigns, does it again with another classic commercial.

I know what your thinkin...I'm a lil' late with this. Let's jus say I now believe in the Redeem Team. I'm jumpin on the bandwagon, I got my chips in the center of the table, I'm drinkin the Kool-Aid, I'm buyin into the system, what ever you wanna say...I'm in! You can call me fair-weather all you want, because I'm from L.A. and that's how we get DOWN!


Horace Silver - Song for my Father (1964)

Jazz is one of those subjects I feel constrained to talk about, because whenever I try to drop some knowledge about it, I'm afraid some O.G. Jazz cat from the 50's will smack me in the mouth for getting facts wrong, but I try to do justice to the most vastest musical genre. With that being said, I want to share one of my most Favorite Jazz albums of all time, Horace Silver's 'Song for my Father'. While most cats around the mid-60's we're doing straight ahead Jazz (especially on the Blue Note label) this album from Silver displayed more of a fusion style mixed with Bassa Nova, which gives his sound more of a groove. It's hard for me to compare it to everything that was out at that time, but by listening to the progression of Jazz into the 70's, this album was ahead of it's time.

This album is also very special to me because it was one of the few musical pieces that coincidentally was introduced to me by my father, and it was one of the first Jazz records I ever purchased (Pls. note that the link contains the CD version). Please download and enjoy.

Get it HERE

Learn more HERE

1. "Song for My Father" – 7:15
2. "The Natives Are Restless Tonight" – 6:08
3. "Calcutta Cutie" – 8:28[1]
4. "Que Pasa" – 7:45
5. "The Kicker" – 5:24
6. "Lonely Woman" – 7:03

The following tracks were added to various CD reissues:

1. "Sanctimonious Sam" – 3:52
2. "Que Pasa" (trio version) – 5:35
3. "Sighin' and Cryin'" – 5:23
4. "Silver Treads Among My Soul" – 3:50

All compositions by Horace Silver except 5. Joe Henderson, 7. Musa Kaleem.

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5

* Horace Silver — piano
* Carmell Jones — trumpet
* Joe Henderson — tenor saxophone
* Teddy Smith — bass
* Roger Humphries — drums

Tracks 3, 6 – 10

* Horace Silver — piano
* Blue Mitchell — trumpet
* Junior Cook — tenor saxophone
* Eugene Taylor — bass
* Roy Brooks — drums

Lupe Fiasco


I haven't given Lupe nearly enough love on the blog, so I definitely wanna shout him out. When I first heard this cat, I knew he was special...and with only 2 albums under his belt, he may make some peoples top 25 emcees lists (he makes mine!). Here's some new, and classic joints I wanted to drop on yall. As you may already well know...the verses are mind blowing!

Download these joints here:

Me And My Sneakers (w/ A-Trak)
Birds & The Bees (Prod. By Kanye)
Say Goodbye To Love Remix
Gangsta (Up In Here)
Gangstas Groove
The Commercial
I'm A Rapper


Styles P, Papoose and Lupe Fiasco Cipher

The True Definition of a Cypher

Get the Audio HERE

Styles P - Phantom Ghost Menace

Get it Here


Styles P, Jadakiss, & Sheek Looch - Blow My Mind (Remix) Prod. by Swizz Beats

Blow My Mind Remix! GET IT!

Styles P. - Discipline

Styles P - Please Listen To My Mixtape

Styles P - Rainy Days freestyle

Styles P - Flashing Lights freestyle

The Life - Styles P. / Tribeca / Pharoah Monch

In the spirit of Sport, I wanted to post the Song "The Life" by Tribeca and Pharoach Monch, but theres actually two versions of the song. The one by Tribeca was used for an ESPN program entitled "The Life", and the instrumental was used in the commercials. The other version, which has Styles P., was supposed to be featured on the Soundbombing 3 mixtape, which i don't think ever came out. Both versions have Pharoach Monch on the hook, w/ subtle differences; the Tribeca version is in the context of sports, while the Styles version in the context of Emceeing. There are also slight differences with the beat in both versions, which makes both songs worth having.

With all that being said, It's one of my favorite beats in Hip Hop (Produced by Ayatollah), and it's got one of those Hooks that I wake up singing.

What gave me a new appreciation for this Ayatollah beat is hearing the Aretha Franklin sample. It's amazing how parts of the song he took to make "The Life" instrumental.

CLASSIC joint.

Click here 2 Download this:

1. The Life - Tribeca & Pharoach Monch version
2. The Life - Styles P. & Pharoach Monch version
3. The Life Instrumental
4. Aretha Franklin - The Long And Winding Road

The Life video

ESPN Commercial

Usain Bolt sets World Record in 100m & 200m

Olympic rule #1: Never race a guy named Bolt. I gave Michael Phelps some love with the 8 golds, but I'd definitely take 2 Track and Field world Records over 8 Gold Medals in swimming. I've owned cars that couldn't go this fast...

Bolt's performance was nothing short of amazing.

Whats More Impressive to you?

p.s.- A not to all those dumbasses on youtube putting Slideshows of the race and claiming its video...STOP DOIN THAT SHIT! It's crazy annoying. Give the man his respect and show his video!



hiphopdx.com reports that Wu-Tang emcee Method Man is quoted as saying Hip Hop was better in the 90's...


What the F*ck is a Jay Electronica?

Another one that Im late on, but hey...better late than never! This one is pretty much the same case as the Wale Mixtape. I knew about it, but I just put off downloading it. But lemme tell you one thing about this cat...He is the TRUTH! How do I know? Nas said so during his Rock the Bells show when he was shouting out the other performers. If Nas says it, then there's no debating. So first Wale, then the Nas validation, now Jay Electronica. It's cats like this that keep the Hip Hop torch lit.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD What The F*ck Is A Jay Electronica



Nas interview with Tavis Smiley

Wale - 100 Miles and Running

Ok, I know Im hella late with this Wale mixtape, but I heard it for the First time with my boy Mike Flossin the other day, and I was definitely impressed! Im not sayin I ever doubted Wale, but I heard the hype and sorta waited for it to die down (I tend to do that alot) Anyway, If this mixtape is old as hell to you, feel free to gimme grief about it...If you haven't heard it, Its a definite recommendation.

Click here to Get that WALAAAAAY!


C.C. Sabathia does it again!

There's good performances, there's ballin, and then there's C C Sabathia.

Sabathia is 8-0 with a 1.60 ERA and five complete games in nine starts for the Brewers since they acquired him from Cleveland in a July 7 trade. Last year's AL Cy Young Award winner has won 11 straight decisions overall.

Some one tell CC he is NOT Walter Johnson, tell him that his team has more than 3 pitchers, and that this isn't the dead ball era! Should he win the Cy Young in half a season...maybe. But just the fact that his name is bein meantioned for the award is amazing.

Summertime - DJ Haylow Remix

Download Here

Opio - To The People

Elus - The Ghetto (Remix) feat. Verse & Tunes

Here's a fresh video and song I stumbled upon. Download if you feel it...

Get it Here

Supernatural sells Sandisk at Rock the Bells

I went to the Bay Area Rock the Bells event in Mountain View this past weekend, and I thought I'd never see all four members of the Pharcyde, I'd never thought I'd see Nas do songs like 'Represent' and his verse off 'Life's a Bitch', or Tribe Called Quest performing 'Check the Rhyme'. All of those and many more were historic moments, especially for this day and age. All things considered, it was a great show.

Now for the lowlights.

Right before Nas' performance, Tribe was supposed to follow. So understandably the crown was hyped to see Tribe come on stage. In between the two acts, Freestyle emcee Supernatural came out on the stage. He did is tired act of pointing at things, then rhyming about it, or pickin up something that someone threw on stage and rhyming about that, then callin out points of reference in the Bay, then rhyming about that, etc., etc.
Then he starts rhyming about Sandisk, one of the corporate sponsors of Rock the Bells. I couldn't make out exactly what he was saying, but the part that made me sick to my stomach was when he said "SOMEBODY SAY SAAAAAN-DIIIIIISK"

I understand that bills need to be paid, and that these artists ask for astronomical performance fees, but it slapped me in the face as a harsh reality check.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
This is Hip Hop in 2008


Michael Phelps wins 8 Gold Medals

I know I haven't talked about the biggest story of these 2008 Olympics, but I guess now would be the best chance to address this historic feat by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. I hear many accolades being thrown around, most of which begin with the word "Greatest", for example, "Greatest Olympic Performance", or "Greatest Olympic Athlete", or "Greatest Olympic Moment", just to name a few. I feel like some of these labels definitely can apply, while some are maybe just said because of the excitement of the moment, and without considering circumstance.

One thing to remember is that this IS A SWIMMER. Not to diss any swimmers out there, but I just don't see swimming as a physically demanding sport where you're constantly sacraficing your body, like most Olympic sports, and it seems like there's so many events to win a medal. you got the 100m breaststroke, the 200m breaststroke, the individual medley, the relay medley, the 100m backstroke, the 200m freestyle, and on and on and on...I don't think there is an Olympic event where you get close to the number of chances as Phelps or any other swimmer to win a medal.

Ok, ok, I'll stop being a hater. even though I think swimming is one of the lesser impressive sports in the Olympics, the one thing that IS impressive about Phelps, and one thing I CAN tag him with is being simply Dominant. I'm not even talkin about the World Records he shattered on his way to winning those 8 golds (I can put on one of those speedo suits and feel like Aquaman) but just the fact that no one could touch him. No matter how lame your respective sport is, if you can show dominance like that, that is definitely noteworthy. All n all, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Phelps and his accomplishment, and it is something that will probably never be matched.

Bad Request #3

I was DJin a feew weeks ago, and this woman came up to the DJ booth and
asked for 'Gangstas Paradise' from Coolio. Wooooooooow....


Charles Kynard - Woga

Since its Friday, and I like to hit y'all off w/ some non-Hip Hop goodness, this album by Jazz Organist Charles Kynard is the joint for the week. Real funky, real soulful, and its a Definite recommendation. I got this one from one of my favorite blogs, Telhadosdomundo.blogspot.com. Pls Download. You'll be happy you did. Thanks to Telhadosdomundo, and check out their blog when you get a chance.

Click Here

Little Ghetto Boy
Hot Sauce
Lime Twig
Slop Jar
Rock Steady
Name The Missing Word
The First Time Ever

Invincible - Sledgehammer (Video)

Now, I've told y'all about Invincible, or maybe you're already in the know...either way, she's on fire, and she'll blow you away with lyrics and delivery. You gotta watch this vid at LEAST twice to peep the wordplay. Mind blowin..."You don't pay attention, man...thats why your power's bout as long as your attention spand."

Santogold - Lights Out (Video)

I can definitely get with this! The outfit coordination reminds me of the classic "Crush On You" Video. I'm not sure if I'm late, early, or right on time, but Santogold is startin to grow on me! Don't be suprised when I drop this in the club!


Chad Johnson on PTI

My Favorite football personality with my Favorite sports anchor personality

Kanye West - "Champion" video

I can now close the poll for the Video of the Year Award...It goes to Kanye West "Champion". I've always loved Kanye, but I fell like givin him props is like tryin to be down with the most popular kid in school, that wins all the games, gets all the ladies, gets straight A's, etc...but you gotta love him.

I also must say that this video is perfect for the blog since I've been focusing on Kanye's production on the new Jay-Z joint, and the Olympics. Peep the Video, and props to Kanye for always sayin one step ahead.

You probably peeped the subtle differences in the video version,
so I uploaded the audio.

Download Kanye West - CHAMPION (VIDEO VERSION) Here

Couple more things I love about the video...It came out in time for the Olympics, I love the track suit on the puppet...and the stretching and work out scenes are classic.

Top 10 Lamest and Worst Olympic Events

I'm gonna stay on the ever-so-publicized Olympic games for at least another day, and give the lesser known cats some shine. Now when the average American thinks of the Olympics, theres probably no more than 10 events they can think of off the top of their heads, so in this entry, I'm focusing on the less publicized...and for good reason. Here is my 10 LAMEST Olympic events. (In no particular order)

Air Pistol - Guns and Olympics just don't mix...

Archery - Maybe I gotta do it to appreciate it.

Synchronized Swimming - Amazing talent, but damn, those girls are ANNOYING!

Badminton is to Tennis as Rollerblading is to Skateboarding

Field Hockey - It's Ice Hockey w/o the ice...and hits, and fights, and excitement.

Handball - Throw the ball in the net, while some guy flailing his arms is supposed to stop you. You only watch it and think 'How can anyone watch this!'

Fencing - Doesn't matter how long its been around. They need to quit the Midevil Times B.S.

Hammer Throw - Theres NO WAY you can watch this and not laugh.

Equestrian - So...the horse gets the medal?

Steeplechase - Probably one of the strangest. People never believe me when I tell them that there's a track and field event where they have to jump over a hurdle followed by a pool of water. Well, here's proof,

I NEED MORE! Pls post any other Lame ass events in the comments.


You can't sing and be cute at the same time...

In the funny, but more f*cked up story of the day, I wanted to talk to y'all about the Olympics being marred in controversy as quickly as the opening ceremony! I didn't watch the opening ceremony for this year's Olympics, but turns out that the little girl that was as cute as a button and had the voice of a song bird was all a front. Peep the video.

oh, AND the fireworks turned out to be fake too...not that I care too much about that.


So Soulful: Isaac Hayes Tribute Mix - Mixed by DJ Haylow


Download "So Soulful" SINGLE TRACK VERSION Here

Download "So Soulful" SEPARATE TRACKS Here


1. Never Gonna Give You Up
2. Look of Love
3. No Name Bar
4. Do Ya Thang
5. That Loving Feeling
6. Ike's Mood
7. Use Me
8. Joy
9. Wonderful
10. Hung Up On My Baby
11. Joe Bell
12. The Red Rooster
13. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
14. Southern Breeze
15. A Few More Kisses To Go
16. Vykkii
17. Walk On By
18. (They Long To Be) Close To You
19. Wherever You Are (Intro)
20. Never Can Say Goodbye (Original & Live Version)

What was the BEST usage of an Isaac Hayes sample?

Listen Here!
(Pls note that the mix in the player is 80kpbs for better streaming.
The downloadable mix is at 192 kbps

Like millions of Soul, R&B, Funk, and Hip Hop fans around the world, I am deeply saddened by the death of this legendary artist. I was not around during his prime, so I will never know the impact of his music during the height of his career, but speaking as a life long Hip Hop fanatic, we have lost one of our forefathers. The casual listener may know Ike for Shaft, and the many, many, many times it was re-done, and spoofed, but to know him only for one song on one album is a huge discredit to his legacy. His compositions are parallel to none, his voice is one of a kind, his instrumentation is unbelievable, his style and charizma was his uniquely his. The point I'm trying to get across is THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYONE LIKE ISAAC HAYES. Period.
Heres the wikipedia link to learn more about the interesting life of this great musician.

Learn More

Shortly after hearing about Isaac Hayes' death on Sunday night, I got the sudden inspiration to make a Isaac Hayes tribute mix. For those who know me well, know I was actually thinking about doing this in the past, but since I never went through with it, I figured that this would be a good time to show people what Ike brought to the table, and to make sure his legacy lives on forever. Rest in Peace.


I See You Jockin Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh) (Produced by Kanye West)

DOWNLOAD THIS TRACK...the REAL version. The DIRTY version. NO TAGS! Thanks to www.nahright.com

DOWNLOAD IT HERE! ...AND check out www.nahright.com!

Kanye West: Freshman Adjustment 1 & 2

And now...I'd like to return to the classics.
Get these if you don't already have em. It's interesting to compare old Kanye with new Kanye.


Freshmen Adjustment
1. Intro
2. Doing Fine
3. Self Conscious - (A.K.A. Yeah)
4. Gossip Files
5. Wack Nigg*z - (Talib Kweli)
6. I Need To Know
7. Out Of Your Mind
8. Livin' In A Movie
9. Drop Dead Gorgeous
10. Wow - (GLC)
11. Apologize
12. Hey Mama
13. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - (Consequence)
14. Keep The Receipt - (Dirt McGirt)
15. Heavy Hitters -(GLC)
16. My Way
17. Home
18. '03 Electric Relaxation (Bonus Track) - (Consequence)
19. All Falls Down (Bonus Track) - (Lauryn Hill)
20. Through The Wire (Freestyle Remix) (Bonus Track)

Get Freshman Adjustment


Freshmen Adjustment 2
1. Intro-Feat. John Legend
2. We Can't Tell
3. Half Price
4. A Million
5. Excuse Me Miss-Feat. Jay-Z [Remix]
6. Would You Like To Ride?-Feat. Malik Yusef & Common
7. On 10 In A Benz-Feat. Rhymefest
8. The Roc In Here
9. Overreact-Feat. Consequence
10. Changing Lanes-Feat. Chops
11. I Met Oprah
12. My Girlfriend
13. Last Night
14. Wack Niggaz Pt. 2-Feat. Common, Cons & Talib
15. Neva Gonna Stop Me-Feat. The Go Getters
16. Together They're Tens
17. Girls Girls Girls [Re-Remix]
18. Self Conscious [Poetry Style]
19. '03 Til Infinity-Feat. Consequence
20. Better Than Yours-Feat. Common

Get Freshman Adjustment Vol 2

100th Post

It may not be much of a deal, but it's still a milestone. Unfortunately it's celebrated during an unfortunate weekend, but we remember and cherish the past, enjoy the memories, make the best of the present, and keep moving forward.

I'd like to thank all the readers, subscribers, listeners, and commenters...and I'll K.I.M.!



Isaac Hayes, Rest in Peace to another legend.


so much soul.


Rest in Peace to a Legend, Bernie Mac

click here to learn more.

If anyone has any other videos they wanna share, post em in the comments!


Gil Scott-Heron

one of the best activists/musicians of our time

Winter in America

Peace Go With You, Brother
Rivers Of My Fathers
A Very Precious Time
Back Home
The Bottle
Song For Bobby Smith
Your Daddy Loves You
H2Ogate Blues
Winter In America (Live)
Song For Bobby Smith (Alt. Take)
Your Daddy Loves You (Live)
The Bottle/Guan Guanco (Live)
Winter in America

Click here to get Gil Scott-Heron "Winter in America"

Miscellaneous Songs

We Beg Your Pardon (Pardon Our Analysis)
I Think I'll Call It Morning
Three Miles Down
Pieces of a Man
A Lovely Day
The Needle's Eye
Peace Go With You Brother
We Almost Lost Detroit
When You Are Who You Are
Race Track In France
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Inner City Blues
Is this Jazz ?

Click Here to get Miscellaneous Gil Scott-Heron Songs

Read More

Peep how Kanye made the beat for Common's song "The People"


2008 Olympics: Remembering John Carlos & Tommy Smith, Wilma Rudolph, and Jesse Owens

My level of excitement is pretty low for the Olympics this year, but one think I always look forward to seeing is protest. A lot of people in the sports world feel that sports and politics should be kept separate in a time like this, or in a place like China, but the Olympics is the one time where the whole world is watching, and in some cases, a world that may not be aware of problems in other countries that are intentionally ignored and neglected. Without bloodshed and violence, the Olympics is a place where I encourage protest, and acts of resistance and discontent. No one can ignore the significance of John Carlos and Tommy Smith in Mexico City in 1968, Jesse Owens in Nazi Berlin in 1934, Wilma Rudolph in Rome in 1960, and many other stories where race DID play a part, and where black athletes excelled and triumphed during a time when they weren't welcome in their own homeland. I'm sure they're many different stories, and I don't mean to undermine those, but these are the three that are most personal to me.

Click here to learn more

Click here to learn more


Click here to learn more

I linked these three events to Wikipedia. Please take time to read each of these stories, they are all interesting, inspiring, and powerful in their own right. They will all have an impact on you.


Common - Go (King Most Remix)

I gotta give the homie King Most some props on the Common "Go" remix. This is definitely the joint! Original production on some real nice, feel good, summertime, ish. Peep the video, and you'll feel it too!

He also did a mix entitled "San Fran 2 Japan", so you can check out the skills on the 1's n 2's as well. You can download that riiiiiiiiight....here

Check out more from King Most at


Top 10 Words/Phrases that get WAAAY too much usage in 2008

(in no particular order)

1. Swag

2. Hipster

3. Boutique

4. Limited Edition

5. (Fill in the blank) Culture

6. Scene

7. Names with the prefix or suffix Lil', Yung, and Boy

8. Uptempto

9. 80's

10. Industry

pls. add more. I may have for gotten some...or many.

Lookin Boy

So I'm not sure if I'm late on this, or if I'm right on time, but I gotta share this one. I knew about the "Lookin Boy" song w/ Yung Joc (and I just figured out the name of the group was "Hot Stylz), but I didn't know till Aries told me last night that people across the country have been recording and making videos for their own versions of "Lookin Boy", or "Lookin Ass N*gga", and posting them on youtube. Here's the O.G. song and video if you've never seen or heard the song (if you haven't, I highly suggest it...it's hilarious)

What I've seen on youtube is that people have versions that represent the sounds of different cities. What's kinda cool about it is they all have different beats, styles, and flows which are reflective of the region.

Here's the Houston version

Chitown Version

Some OTHER version

I'm sure most of y'all won't get through all the videos, but if this didn't give you your fix, there's a bunch more on youtube...and when I say a bunch, i mean a BUNCH! East or West coast videos, seems like they're all from Midwest or Down South.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this, good or bad.


Count Bass-D


This is probably the cat I was bumpin the most last week. Big shout out to Malo for puttin me on to Count Bass-D. He's got a style unlike any other, he makes his own beats, and he's a dope artist that fuses jazz and soul, but there is a comedic element to his music that will definitely grab your attention...this fool has me rollin, AND the production is amazing! Check out the Downloads, you won't regret it!



Pre-Life Crisis (1995)

Here's a 2006 interview in Dork Magazine (www.dorkmag.com)
Click here to Read

Love Movement 2 Mixed by DJ Haylow : Free Download


1. John, Duke, and Nina Give Their Interpretation of Love
2. Get ta Steppin - Mos Def & Vinia Mojica
3. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Searchin’
4. Common - Love Is….
5. The Roots - Hypontic
6. Marvin’s Interpretation of Love
7. Slum Village - Call Me
8. Q-Tip - For the Nasty (Fakta Remix)
9. Self Scientific - Love Bird
10. Little Brother - Get Whatever Away (HaYLoW Mash Up)
11. Platinum Pied Pipers Feat. Tiombe Lockhart - I Got You
12. Count Bass-D Feat. Dionne Ferris - Seven Years
13. Bobby’s Interpretation of Love
14. The Roots - Silent Treatment (Kelo’s Remix)
15. Devin Feat. Erica Marion - Too Cute
16. Saukrates - Kalifornia
17. Jacore Baptiste Feat. PSD - Rollercoaster Love
18. Aceyalone - I Never Knew
19. Pete Rock Feat. Vinia Mojica - Mind Blowin’
20. Black Star - Brown Skin Lady
21. Leon’s Interpretation of Love
22. Teedra Moses - Caught Up
23. J. Rawls Feat. Middle Child - What If
24. Vinia Mojica - Guilt Junkie
25. John’s and Duke’s Last Thoughts

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D'angelo article in August 2008 Spin Magazine


I was checkin out another one of my favorite sites rappersiknow.com, and they posted a link to a recent article in Spin Magazine about the "Life after the Untitled video", and how he has coped with his personal issues after his success.

I just saw the link, so I haven't got a chance to read it, but after I do, I will reply with my feelings. Without reading it, I can definitely say that D'angelo's life story has been most interesting, with his problems being noted a couple times, but I'm not sure how much of the general public knows the extent of his issues and personalty. Hopefully this article can shed some light, but even MORE hopefully, I hope my man D'angelo can make a come back! We can all agree that he is certainly missed in the game.

Check out the Aug 2008 Spin Magazine article Here

(I have written my response to the article in the comments)


DJ Haylow featured in WDIR Magazine


Peace yall, Ill try and make it quick, but Yesterday I was featured on one of my favorite sites, www.wdir.com (We Do It Right Magazine). For those who don't know, WDIR is one of the freshest sites on the internet, with lots of exclusive material that isn't on your typical Hip Hop site. WDIR also features Interviews, Lifestyle, Art, and much more. It's definitely something I check all the time, and I want yall to show them some love and support! You can hear it from me, or you can let someone else fill you in, but what ever you do, give them your attention. Also, I wanna give a shout out to Santo Angelo at WDIR for showin me support and gettin my works posted on the site.

check out my review here:

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KRS One Issues Call To Action For DJ's

Here's an interesting article I read from Hip Hop DX, and I thought I'd comment on it. I think that it's cool that KRS feels that he is obligated to make a change in the Hip Hop world, and I think it's great to bring hundreds of thousands of like minds together, buuuut...you can count me out.The Million Man March was highly publicized, and that worked out, The Million Woman March definitely needed to happen, I think there was a Million Youth March, but after that, I think the Million Marches are a rap. One suggestion is they should have the Million DJ March, the Million Club Owner March, and the Million Event Promoter March all at the same time. Then we'd REALLY get it crackin!

(taken from www.hiphopdx.com)

Former DJ and Hip Hop icon KRS One is calling for all DJ's to join himself and others for the Million DJ March in Washington D.C. on August 29.

Founded by A. Shaw the purpose of the Million DJ March is to create unity in the DJ community and to inform and inspire through workshops and performances.

"I am a DJ. I started my career as a DJ and a collector of records," KRS One said in a statement. "The Million DJ March speaks to the longevity of the DJ community. If deejaying is going to survive in to the future, we are going to have to take it a little more seriously than just a party past time."

Music lovers are also encouraged to attend the event since most of the issues concerning the DJ are also relevant to the general public.

"Once and for all, the American public needs to hear from the DJ's in a unified voice," KRS One continued. "There are questions that the American public has for for the DJ and one of the concerns of the American public, for DJ's in every medium, is the lack of responsibility that DJ's show to younger ears. The DJ's I know care about the public they play for; many of them are responsible parents themsleves. It is not that DJ's are irresponsible, it is that DJ's do not speak in one unified voice on anything."

Speakers and performers at the event will include KRS One, DJ Chuck T, DJ Dirty Harry, Joell Ortiz, and more.

For more information on the Million DJ March visit www.themilliondjmarch.com.

Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves the Sunshine


To say this is 'recommended' is a HUGE understatement

Enjoy The Sunshine