Michael Phelps wins 8 Gold Medals

I know I haven't talked about the biggest story of these 2008 Olympics, but I guess now would be the best chance to address this historic feat by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. I hear many accolades being thrown around, most of which begin with the word "Greatest", for example, "Greatest Olympic Performance", or "Greatest Olympic Athlete", or "Greatest Olympic Moment", just to name a few. I feel like some of these labels definitely can apply, while some are maybe just said because of the excitement of the moment, and without considering circumstance.

One thing to remember is that this IS A SWIMMER. Not to diss any swimmers out there, but I just don't see swimming as a physically demanding sport where you're constantly sacraficing your body, like most Olympic sports, and it seems like there's so many events to win a medal. you got the 100m breaststroke, the 200m breaststroke, the individual medley, the relay medley, the 100m backstroke, the 200m freestyle, and on and on and on...I don't think there is an Olympic event where you get close to the number of chances as Phelps or any other swimmer to win a medal.

Ok, ok, I'll stop being a hater. even though I think swimming is one of the lesser impressive sports in the Olympics, the one thing that IS impressive about Phelps, and one thing I CAN tag him with is being simply Dominant. I'm not even talkin about the World Records he shattered on his way to winning those 8 golds (I can put on one of those speedo suits and feel like Aquaman) but just the fact that no one could touch him. No matter how lame your respective sport is, if you can show dominance like that, that is definitely noteworthy. All n all, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Phelps and his accomplishment, and it is something that will probably never be matched.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried swimming ONE lap? Shit ain't easy! Now try doing 2 or more laps with the speed intact.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I thought the same thing. Phelps did dominate and is bringing home a whole crateload of Gold and there was no one that could touch him in Olympic swimming. That can't be disputed. You are right when you say that he had more opportunities than most of the other athletes in the Olympics. Most of the other athletes just get to compete for ONE medal because that's all that is available in their particular sport. So I'm not hatin' on Phelps either...but calling him the best athlete ever or best Olympian ever might be jumping the gun.