Barack Obama is Down!

I watched most of yesterdays action of the 2008 Democratic Convention, and I was impressed with running mate Joe Biden's speech, having the platform to say things that maybe Obama couldn't have said. I think that being in more of a supportive role, you are able to trash the other side a little more, and you don't have to have the responsibility of being so diplomatic. All n all, I thought his speech was very well said.

Then surprise guest Barack Obama came out (what a surprise) and of course, the crowd erupted. Besides the fact that Obama and Biden's greeting looked a little TOO friendly, I couldn't ignore the fact that he said "Last night, Hillary Clinton 'Rocked the House'"...man, THAT'S why I want this man as my next President.

But Barack was not to be outdone before news Journalist Katie Couric said he was "Givin Props" to his campaign supporters. NEVER IN MY LIFE did I think I would watch the DNC and hear about the Presidental Candidate 'giving props' to supporters. Man, I thought I was down, but I got some work to do!

Part 1 of Joe Biden's Speech (you can find the rest on youtube)