The B.U.M.S.

Till this day, it's hard that this group came from the Bay because of the oversaturation of Hyphy, but they did. and they shouted it out thoughout the entire album. When hearing the music that has come out of the Bay during the last 5 yrs, this album seems like a different MILLINEUM! (well actually...) This was definitely a good time in Hip Hop in my opinion...The Wake Up Show, Chat Rooms, every song had a Sample, Urban Video Shoots w/ everyone dressing in layers...anyway. Please listen to the B.U.M.S. album and reminisce, or learn about some classic Hip Hop that Oakland has produced. Either way, its all good. (I've lived in the Bay for 10 years, and I STILL haven't heard anything about the B.U.M.S. whereabouts...help, anyone? btw, I AM familiar with Joe Quixx's whereabouts. He was the Producer for the group, and also the DJ for The Wake Up Show. BIG UP to Mr. Quixx, and my boy Soul Profess informed me that SF's own DJ Pos Red used to DJ for them. IT'S THE EMCEES i don't know about...)

ALSO, I would like to note that D-Wyze's and E-Vocalist's verses on 'Elevation' are two of the best verses in one song that Hip Hop has Produced.

Elevation (Free My Mind)

Take a Look Around


Download: The B.U.M.S. - Lyfe n' Tyme