Invincible - Ropes (Video)

"The third music video (dir. Mr. Complex) off Invincible's acclaimed ShapeShifters LP (2008), "Ropes" addresses the often taboo subject of depression and suicide.

After being accepted by mtvU, the station's standards department axed the video citing how its "suicidal undertones would be problematic" for a college audience. Ironically, Invincible and Tiombe's intention with the song is to speak openly and boldly about the prevalence of depression in our communities. With suicide being the third leading cause of death amongh 15-24 year-olds, "Ropes" aims to break the pattern of turning a blind eye to metal health issues, and to begin the process of healing.

"Ropes" was shot at Coney Island's Astroland on a cold, dreary and rainy day. Rumor has it that historic Astroland will soon be razed to the ground and developed into unaffordable lofts or condos, so this footage is visual preservation as well."



Slo-O / Checkmate Music


Slo-O is one of the few emcees comin out of San Francisco, and he's been doin his thang for a minute. Slo-O has been reppin the Bay before the Hyphy Movement, which proves his music withstands the test of time. His producer hit me with his new video, and it's DEFINITELY somethin you should check.

Right Back In

Here's his other video, which was shot a couple years back.
Classic Joint in my opinion

I Can Show U

500th POST

over a Year Later...look how far we've come!
its nothin for some bloggers, but for me, I gotta take note.
It's been fun. see u at a 1000!


KanYe West - The Lost Songs Vol. 2


Lost Ye


Chester French - Jaques Jams

Haven't heard it...but I think this dude is gonna be next up to batPhotobucket

Jaques-n C. French


U-N-I - A Love Supreme

Dare I say it?
This may be an Instant Classic...
Big up these cats reppin the La City.

<3 Supreme



Diz Gibran - Soon You'll Understand

It's cats like this that are gonna bring the West to the forefront.
Simple and Plain.
Diz has made his mixtape/album "Soon You'll Understand" for free download, and if you don't hear it from me, you'll hear it from someone else. But don't act like I didn't tell you!


Get the Download at www.diznmoon.com.



LAUSD presents Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets

L.A. Hip Hop


Wonway - Push (Ode to the Oakland Police Dept.)

My man Wonway is becoming one of the Bay's most prominent DJs, but every once in a while, he still likes to bless the vocal booth. The streets of Oakland have been on fire for a long time, and sometimes the one's that are supposed to protect and serve are the ones that can get out of line. Listen and Download this joint, because Wonway will speak the gospel to ya.


Wonway -> PUSH

LAzertape Mixtape Promo by Moonsatellite

This is a homie submission by Moonsatellite. It's comin! Ill let yall know when it's here

R.I.P. Tony D

I wanted to break the Hiatus by giving a shout out to Tony D, a Hip Hop producer who passed away this pass weekend. To be honest, I didn't know too much about him, but I did a lil research and realized that this was a figure in Hip Hop that shouldn't be ignored. I think that it wasn't until the early - mid 90s when producers were being noticed by the general Hip Hop public. But anyway, this cat worked closely with Poor Righteous Teachers, and there IS some 'speculation' that he was a heavy influence in Naughty by Natures hit O.P.P.

some of his works

Tony D w/ RZA

Testes...1, 2...3?

heh heh....for my Beavis n Butthead ass mufu**az.