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Whats up good peoples? Probably noticed I've been slacking on the blog a lil. Reasons are I've been busy lately, also my internet connection has been unstable, but also Im re-evaluating the whole blog thing. To tell the truth, sometimes I get unmotivated because I feel like I put in work. I'm sure every blogger out there goes through this phase. I just feel like I need to re-think, re-establish, maybe re-structure things with the blog (lots of 'Re's"). This ain't no BS Kid CuDi retirement, it's just a break! (no offence CuDi)

feel free to leave a comment, advise, or suggestions.

To the regulars who have commented in the past, i definitely appreciate you showing love and support.
To the folks who have asked me to post something, I'll definitely post soon.




Bobby Hutcherson - Natural Illusions


Smoothness from my man Bobby Hutcherson. He must have had an orchestra with him on this one, because every track has strings to help him out. This one really has that nighttime, downtown, smokey potholes, rainy night type of vibe. Yall urbanites know exactly what I'm talkin about. There's also a real nice soul vibe on the album too, so it definitely has a lil somethin for everyone.
(funny story)
I'm listening to this in my iTunes as I type, and the album finished. The next song that came up was 'Bobby McFarren - Don't Worry Be Happy' Ultimate MOOD kill, lol)

Enjoy this one.

1 Lush Life (Strayhorn)
2 When You Are Near (Hutcherson)
3 The Thrill Is Gone (Darnell, Hawkins)
4 Sophisticated Lady (Ellington, Mills, Parish)
5 Rain Every Thursday (?)
6 The Folks Who Live on the Hill (Hammerstein, Kern)
7 Shirl (Silver)

Phil Bodner, Hubert Laws, Romeo Penque, Daniel Trimboli (woodwinds); Eugene Bianco (harp); Bobby Hutcherson (vib); Hank Jones (p); Gene Bertoncini (g); Ron Carter, George Duvivier (b); Jack DeJohnette (d); Wade Marcus (arr); Wade Marcus Orchestra (strings)





Daru & Rena - Producers Luv Tribute

This is a fresh EP I downloaded from freshselects.net.

Its a nice conceptual project that pays homage to some of the greatest producers in the game. It's DEFINITELY worth a download.
From information I've gathered, Daru is the producer and Rena is the vocalists, and they're a brother and sister combo.
It's a fam affair, and you need to get down with the fam!

Producer's <3

Lyrics Born - Funky Hit Records

This is a joint that was dropped off by the homie DJ Icewater. Bay Area up in this bootch! Lyrics Born has been a prominent figure in the Bay for the last 10+ years, and it's safe to say he's a legend in the game.
Anyway, check out the joint, and stop by Icewaters blog, www.thesourcepages.blogspot.com
There's some GEMS on there!

Funky Hit Records


Invincible - Taxicab Confessions

You need this joint.
Everything she does is Fiyah.

Taxicab Confessions


My Bracket

Click to ENLARGE


Capone-N-Noreaga - Blood Money pt. 3


Blood Money pt. 3

Capone-N-Noreaga - Blood Money pt. 2 Feat Nas


Blood Money pt. 2 feat. Nas

Capone-N-Noreaga - Blood Money pt. 1


Blood Money pt. 1


Capone-N-Noreaga - Grand Royal

Grand Royal


THE BOX Video Party at 330 RITCH

I almost NEVER promote my events on the blog, which is ironic because I started the blog to bring more exposure to myself and to share my music with people, so what better time to start the event promotion aspect than one year into the blog. ANYway, I'm doin my first VIDEO set tomorrow at 330 Ritch. I did a video flyer and I'm juiced about the event, so peep the vflyer, and if you're in the Bay Area, come on out!


Biggie & Shaq - You Can't Stop the Reign 12"

Can't stop, won't stop
You Can't Stop the Reign (Vocal & Instrumental)

Biggie feat. Method Mad & Redman - Rap Phenomenon (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Them rings n things u talk about, bring em out


Dj Drama & Cookin' Soul - Biggie Tribute

We'll Always <3 Big Poppa


Remembering Biggie

One of the Greatest.



Stevo - Muffins (J. Dilla Tribute)

This is an instrumental tribute to the Late Great J. Dilla. Now, I know what youre thinkin...Who's Stevo, and is he really callin it 'Muffins'? Well apparently so, and this is somethin you shouldn't miss. Stevo uses Dilla samples, and rearranges em to make his own interpretation of classic Dilla Joints. You WILL NOT regret this download, it's somethin I'll be bumpin for a long time.


Big Daddy Kane Documentary (UnOfficial Teaser) Dir. by Anthony Marshall


Nas feat. Marsha Ambrosia - If I Ruled the World '09

Well, I really don't know how I feel about this song, to be honest. I think the concept of "Classic song re-made, followed by the current year' is a little played, and I've never heard an updated version that was as good or better than the original (cliche). I think if you're gonna hit the studio, you might as well make a new song, but ANYway, this is a tough one, because you're already gonna be biased because the Nas X Lauryn Hill combo will NEVER be out done, but this is a heartfelt attempt at it. I heard it once, and maybe I need to hear it a couple more times, but I need a lil bit more convincing on this one. Hope you appreciate it more than I do.


Nas X Marsha


Erykah Badu - Soldier (Ras K'Dee Remix)


This is a remix by the Homie Ras K'Dee, PLEASE downlaod it, and enjoy!
I knew Ras for the emcee skills, but I see he got skills on the beats too!

More of the Smooth...

Soldier Remix

Musiq - Half Crazy (Remix) 12"

I'm gonna keep it on the R&B, Neo Soul, Smoothed Out, Silky sheen, whateva the eff you wanna call it tip. This is a classic remix that not alot of people were on when the song was out. I didn't care or the O.G. song 'Half Crazy', but the remix is definitely fresh.


1/2 Loco 12"
Vocal & Instrumental


The Judges Nephews "Harina y Maiz" (King Most Edit)

Big up to the Homie King Most, who hit me with this fresh Edit of Harina y Maiz. My man's got CRAZY talent, and you may remember his Common 'Go' Remix which was Fiyah. This one is for my cats that are on that UpTempo Salsa tip. All my Djs, listen to it, download it, play it, and watch the place go nuts!


The Judges Nephews "Harina y Maiz" (King Most Edit)

Amanda Diva - Spandex, Rhymes & Soul EP

The Diva EP

Amanda Diva - Supa Woman

Suupaaa Woomaaan


The Kickdrums - Smash the System (Mixtape)

I'm downloadin this as I type, so I can't really speak on it. But DAMN, you can't ignore that tracklisting! If I'm not Mistaken, these cats (it's a duo outta Cleveland, i've been told) worked on the last Theophilus London mixtape, and that was definitely somethin I got into. Also check out Theophilus London's: This Charming Mixtape. I think Ill be hearin a lot more of these folks.

01. The Kickdrums - Make the Girlies Get Dumb Intro
02. Kanye West - Good Morning (Kickdrums Remix) (Feat. Big Sean)
03. The Kickdrums - Do Ya Job (Feat. Ray Cash & Scarface)
04. Ray Cash - Killa Flow (Feat. Fitty)
05. Lil Wayne - Bottom of the Map (Feat. Pimp C)
06. Kidz In The Hall - Untouchable freestyle
07. The Kickdrums - One Bad… (Feat. Chip the Ripper)
08. Kid Cudi - TGIF (Feat. Chip The Ripper)
09. Jay-Z - No Love Coming Home (Kickdrums Remix) (Feat. Fitty)
10. Kanye West - We Major (Kickdrums Remix) (Feat. Charles Hamilton & Ray Cash)
11. Adele - Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix) (Feat. Big Pooh)
12. Freeway - Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Feat. Young Chris)
13. Izza Kizza - Insane With My Pimp Game
14. Joe Budden - Talk To ‘Em
15. Ray Cash - Wavin The .44 (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G)
16. Ray Cash - Do That Shit/Dipset Freestyle (Feat. Pooh Gutta & Hell Rell)
17. Buckshot - Who Got The Props Pt. 2
18. Talib Kweli - The General Freestyle
19. The Kickdrums - Sky High (Feat. KiD CuDi)
20. Willie the Kid - Sky High freestyle
21. Idiot Savant (Verbal + The Kickdrums) - The Times
22. Joell Ortiz - Move On (Remix) (Feat Joe Budden, Royce the 5′9, and Crooked I)
23. Joe Budden - Classic
24. Ced Hughes- Good Ish
25. GoDChild - I Gotta Live

Get It

THANK YOU JAY DEE ACT 4: Mixed by J.Rocc

Guess what I'm listenin to as I type this?

No Download, I'm jus lettin yall know its out!
Just go to www.stonesthrow to download the podcast.

No hype needed, Its J.Rocc and Dilla.
That's all you need to know.

Kid CuDi - Sky Might Fall Prod. by Kanye West

Its safe to say my man Kid CuDi has blown up now.
Here's a new joint I heard on nahright.com

Sky is Falling


Talib Kweli - Coast 2 Coast mixtape

Talib jus Twitter-ed this less than a minute ago.
i <3 technology! haha

get it

also, check out


Kanye West LIVE VH1 Storytellers (Audio)

Classic Performance


New Look for the blog!

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The Cool Kids - Pennies

The Cool Kids - 2k Pennies (Decon Version)