Bobby Hutcherson - Natural Illusions


Smoothness from my man Bobby Hutcherson. He must have had an orchestra with him on this one, because every track has strings to help him out. This one really has that nighttime, downtown, smokey potholes, rainy night type of vibe. Yall urbanites know exactly what I'm talkin about. There's also a real nice soul vibe on the album too, so it definitely has a lil somethin for everyone.
(funny story)
I'm listening to this in my iTunes as I type, and the album finished. The next song that came up was 'Bobby McFarren - Don't Worry Be Happy' Ultimate MOOD kill, lol)

Enjoy this one.

1 Lush Life (Strayhorn)
2 When You Are Near (Hutcherson)
3 The Thrill Is Gone (Darnell, Hawkins)
4 Sophisticated Lady (Ellington, Mills, Parish)
5 Rain Every Thursday (?)
6 The Folks Who Live on the Hill (Hammerstein, Kern)
7 Shirl (Silver)

Phil Bodner, Hubert Laws, Romeo Penque, Daniel Trimboli (woodwinds); Eugene Bianco (harp); Bobby Hutcherson (vib); Hank Jones (p); Gene Bertoncini (g); Ron Carter, George Duvivier (b); Jack DeJohnette (d); Wade Marcus (arr); Wade Marcus Orchestra (strings)





Mathijs Delva said...

Hey, i love this post but you forgot to add track number 2: when you are near. Could upload this one too?

Nike Air Force One said...

Good to know.