Nas feat. Marsha Ambrosia - If I Ruled the World '09

Well, I really don't know how I feel about this song, to be honest. I think the concept of "Classic song re-made, followed by the current year' is a little played, and I've never heard an updated version that was as good or better than the original (cliche). I think if you're gonna hit the studio, you might as well make a new song, but ANYway, this is a tough one, because you're already gonna be biased because the Nas X Lauryn Hill combo will NEVER be out done, but this is a heartfelt attempt at it. I heard it once, and maybe I need to hear it a couple more times, but I need a lil bit more convincing on this one. Hope you appreciate it more than I do.


Nas X Marsha


Danger Mike said...

Marsha is all about these remixes/remakes. She was on Common's "The Light 08."