...taking a break

Whats up good peoples? Probably noticed I've been slacking on the blog a lil. Reasons are I've been busy lately, also my internet connection has been unstable, but also Im re-evaluating the whole blog thing. To tell the truth, sometimes I get unmotivated because I feel like I put in work. I'm sure every blogger out there goes through this phase. I just feel like I need to re-think, re-establish, maybe re-structure things with the blog (lots of 'Re's"). This ain't no BS Kid CuDi retirement, it's just a break! (no offence CuDi)

feel free to leave a comment, advise, or suggestions.

To the regulars who have commented in the past, i definitely appreciate you showing love and support.
To the folks who have asked me to post something, I'll definitely post soon.




MLA said...

"Re-ups" aren't just for d boys.

REL said...

cant leave blogs alone, the game needs you

Anonymous said...

aye man you're educating the masses! i come on here pretty religiously. keep doing it man! much appreciated.