So Soulful: Isaac Hayes Tribute Mix - Mixed by DJ Haylow


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1. Never Gonna Give You Up
2. Look of Love
3. No Name Bar
4. Do Ya Thang
5. That Loving Feeling
6. Ike's Mood
7. Use Me
8. Joy
9. Wonderful
10. Hung Up On My Baby
11. Joe Bell
12. The Red Rooster
13. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic
14. Southern Breeze
15. A Few More Kisses To Go
16. Vykkii
17. Walk On By
18. (They Long To Be) Close To You
19. Wherever You Are (Intro)
20. Never Can Say Goodbye (Original & Live Version)

What was the BEST usage of an Isaac Hayes sample?

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(Pls note that the mix in the player is 80kpbs for better streaming.
The downloadable mix is at 192 kbps

Like millions of Soul, R&B, Funk, and Hip Hop fans around the world, I am deeply saddened by the death of this legendary artist. I was not around during his prime, so I will never know the impact of his music during the height of his career, but speaking as a life long Hip Hop fanatic, we have lost one of our forefathers. The casual listener may know Ike for Shaft, and the many, many, many times it was re-done, and spoofed, but to know him only for one song on one album is a huge discredit to his legacy. His compositions are parallel to none, his voice is one of a kind, his instrumentation is unbelievable, his style and charizma was his uniquely his. The point I'm trying to get across is THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYONE LIKE ISAAC HAYES. Period.
Heres the wikipedia link to learn more about the interesting life of this great musician.

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Shortly after hearing about Isaac Hayes' death on Sunday night, I got the sudden inspiration to make a Isaac Hayes tribute mix. For those who know me well, know I was actually thinking about doing this in the past, but since I never went through with it, I figured that this would be a good time to show people what Ike brought to the table, and to make sure his legacy lives on forever. Rest in Peace.


Mama Feel Good said...

it IS so sad!
thanks for posting your mix. i'm downloading it right now.

Anonymous said...

ThIs MIX...OMFG!!! it is INCREDIBLE!!!
EXACTLY what I needed to cap off my day & get ready for the night...THIS is a KEEPER forreal!!!

tee cardaci said...

wutup haylow,
thanks so much for putting that mix together....proper tribute! i (like thousands of other, i'm sure) had posted about Mr. Hayes' passing on my blog and a homie left me the download link to your mix in the comments. i just wanted to come by, say hello and thanks again for properly honoring The Man. RIP.

DJ Haylow said...

Thanks all for the compliments...and I know I speak for millions when I say Ike's legacy will be forever remembered and embraced.

Anonymous said...


Haylow said...

I should say this now...but I cant BELIEVE I forgot Geto Boys 'Mind is playin tricks on me' I am deeply ashamed at my forgetfullness. Im SURE that woulda got some votes.