The Life - Styles P. / Tribeca / Pharoah Monch

In the spirit of Sport, I wanted to post the Song "The Life" by Tribeca and Pharoach Monch, but theres actually two versions of the song. The one by Tribeca was used for an ESPN program entitled "The Life", and the instrumental was used in the commercials. The other version, which has Styles P., was supposed to be featured on the Soundbombing 3 mixtape, which i don't think ever came out. Both versions have Pharoach Monch on the hook, w/ subtle differences; the Tribeca version is in the context of sports, while the Styles version in the context of Emceeing. There are also slight differences with the beat in both versions, which makes both songs worth having.

With all that being said, It's one of my favorite beats in Hip Hop (Produced by Ayatollah), and it's got one of those Hooks that I wake up singing.

What gave me a new appreciation for this Ayatollah beat is hearing the Aretha Franklin sample. It's amazing how parts of the song he took to make "The Life" instrumental.

CLASSIC joint.

Click here 2 Download this:

1. The Life - Tribeca & Pharoach Monch version
2. The Life - Styles P. & Pharoach Monch version
3. The Life Instrumental
4. Aretha Franklin - The Long And Winding Road

The Life video

ESPN Commercial


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