MC Breed (Rest in Peace)


I gotta give a formal farewell to...well, not really a legend, or a poineer, and really hate to use the term one hit wonder, but DAMN, I think his one hit has to account for a classic album! I never like using the term One Hit Wonder, because I don't know how many underground mixtapes he put out, or how many classic regional projects he did, (let me remind you, he WAS from Detroit, not from the westcoast. It's an honest mistake, because the song has such a westside flavor) or what he did behind the scenes, but MC Breed will ALWAYS get respect from any Ol Skool cat, or any DJ. I cannot tell you how many times I was struggling through a set (well, that doesn't happen TOO often :D ) and I threw on that song, not even mixin it, just droppin that intro [TO THE BEAT'CHAL (haha) ] and that song alone would get any club crackin, and Its gotten me outta a rock and a hard place. All yall DJs out there know exactly what I'm talkin about...those times when there's less than 20 sec to go in a song, and we don't know what we're gonna play next. So on behalf of every person who has stepped foot into a Hip Hop club since 1992, I say Rest in Peace.

One other note, he wasn't the first person to use the Ohio Players "Funky Worm" sample, but I think it's definitely worth noting.