Veteran's Day 2008

During this past election, we all (and I mean WE ALL) celebrated the victory for President Elect Barack Obama. While my peers and I experienced our best day as American Citizens (or living in America...I gotta shout out my "illegal alien" folks) there's still that little (how should I put this...) 'Situation' going on overseas that started out as 'Operation Freedom' and has turned into yet another Black Eye in George Bush's tenure.

It's shameful to admit that the longer the war goes on, the less attention it gets. I remember when the war first began, they used to put the U.S. death toll on the front page. Not the ones that came home with missing limbs, not the ones that come home and don't recognize their own family, not the ones that are on the other side, or civilians, or the people that are effected, but just the ones that were counted, that died. Well, they stopped posting that number. They stopped with the coverage and attention all together. The administration wanted us to forget.

I was listening to KPFK in Los Angeles today, and I heard an War Veteran from Iraq speaking against the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, representing and organization called Iraq Veterans Against the War. The stats that he gave regarding the condition of many Iraq war veterans were staggering, which included Veterans with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, Permanent Injuries, Suicide, and other terrible events that have effected the lives of millions. His personal story he said was like so many others..."I wanted to defend my country. I wanted to protect my freedom". Then he spoke an apology letter to all he had killed in his line of work.

Barack is the closest thing to a savior I have ever seen for this country. When that GLORIOUS day comes (1/20/09...We've ALL been waiting, even BEFORE Barack!), he has said he will make Executive Orders to make an immediate stamp on presidency. I hope, as well as millions of others, hope he's gonna do what we're all thinking. Before the economy, before the energy crisis, before the anything else...


Iraq Veteran Nick Morgan trampled by police horse during an
Anti-War rally at Presidential Debate in Hempstead, NY

For more information on Iraq Veterans Against the War, visit www.ivaw.org


Anonymous said...

According to the VA 18 veterans a day are committing suicide!