Q-Tip - Let's Ride (Video)

I NEVER KNEW there was a video for this song! To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about listening to a song for years and years, and hearing it so many times in so many different ways, and then finally seeing a video. It's kinda like seeing your favorite book turned into a movie, or talking to a girl for years on the phone, and then finally seeing what she looks like (not that I know what THAT'S like!) Even if the outcome is good, it's not what you envisioned or expected. Don't get me wrong, I love Youtube, but just because it exists, doesn't mean I have to see it...

So the new Q-Tip album has been getting a real good buzz, and honestly, Its good to hear cats talking about it. No matter who you are in the Hip Hop game, the legacy of Tribe Called Quest will always be remembered. Although I am one of the Millions of music listeners that would love to hear a Tribe reunion album, I think this will do.

I hate posting shitty quality youtube videos, but this one is just proof of what I'm talkin about. At the 'Rock the Bells '08' show in the Bay, Mos Def came out and did the first verse of Q-Tip's song 'Lets Ride' (prod. by The Ummah, which included Jay Dee, a.k.a. J. Dilla, y'all know....). I thought it was fresh how Mos knew all the words and performed it like it was his own song. SEEE...??


L Rockwell said...

I actually saw the video first. so i'm on a different boat

Mike Life said...

You hadn't seen this? It was video #3 off Amplified. You must have gone to class when we stayed in my apt _____ing , watching Rap City & downloading music.

PS: Q-Tip ripped it at Mezz last night. Sooo much better than Rock the Bells.