The Love Unlimited Orchestra - White Gold

I gotta let yall in on some of the smoothest shit you'll ever hear. I swear, If you're a 70's cat, who wants some soundtrack music, this is what you need. To my understanding, The Love Unlimited Orchestra was to Barry White, as The JBs were to James Brown. The sound the Love Unlimited Orchestra was synonymous with the 70's disco-funk, satin sheets, white-walls, marble floors, love boat, dynasty, white suits and loafers, pimp-strut...yall get the idea. I wasn't around back then, but if there was ever anything that made me feel like I was it would be this. This shit may even make you do a couple lines if you listen long enough. If I see ANYone I know in the next couple days w/ a hard perm, I know they've been on the blog. But seriously, this is some real cool Barry White style, mostly instrumental joints to vybe out to.

White (AU)

"Can you dig it?

awwwww yeah..."