Bernard Wright - 'Nard (1981)

If you never seen this album cover, I know what you're thinkin...who the fuck is this 'Lemar from Revenge of the Nerds' lookin, track suit wearin', baby afro havin, dude who calls him self 'Nard? Well, that's what I thought when I first saw this album. My boy who sold me this record at one of his record swaps, he was like "That shit is DOOOPE"...and I gotta saw, this is one of my favorite albums. Seriously. I haven't heard too much of his other stuff, but Keyboardist Bernard Wright displays an excellent fusion of Disco, Funk, and Jazz throughout the album. Most of these tracks you can play out in the club, and cats will be like 'What the fuck is that?!" (...in a good way of course.) This album has also had a TREMENDOUS influence on a few Hip Hop Classics (I'll let you listen for yourself), and there's samples throughout the album. I'll stop talkin about it and let you listen for yourself.

1. Haboglabotribin' - Bernard Wright, Don Blackman
2. Firebolt Hustle - Bernard Wright, Henry Grate, Jr.
3. Music Is the Key - Bernard Wright, Weldon Irvine,
4. Spinnin' - Bernard Wright, Alvin Flythe
5. Just Chillin' Out - Bernard Wright, Marcus Miller
6. Bread Sandwiches - Bernard Wright
7. Master Rocker - Bernard Wright, Ronnie Miller,
8. We're Just the Band - Bernard Wright, Henry Grate, Jr.
9. Solar - Bernard Wright, Miles Davis,

This is the back of the LP. I know it's a terrible quality picture, but I wanted you to see how corny this fool looks on the album! This one, you can definitely file under the 'Bad Album cover, Good Album' category.

Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love


djdeeds said...

Hey man...I just found your blog and it's choc full of really great stuff too.I know what you mean about the cover, great music but the guy should've been listening to his mum when she was saying "Don't f**king wear THAT on the photoshoot"! Check this scan I just did of my 12inch single "who do you love" it's a freakin' 'cracker' of a picture.Looks like he dragged out a jacket that had been crumpled up in a plastic bag under the seat of his car for ten years or something! Truly you'll piss yourself laughing.CHEERS.Great Blog. http://www.speedyshare.com/185817529.html