Obama: Good, Prop. 8: Bad

Obama won. This is no doubt the greatest day in my political lifetime,
and I'll be hard pressed to find something that parallels. I am so proud
of all the 1st time voters, all the young voters, and all the voters
that didn't believe in Democracy that decided to vote anyway. This feels
like a victory for the little guy, for the common man, for the people,
for a new America.
Unfortunaltely, November 4th was bitter sweet because of the approval of
Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage. Although a Black president is an
immeasurable step in the history for African Americans, the passing of
Prop. 8 is a huge step backward in the movement for civil rights. The
right to ban a group of people of any civil right is wrong, and this
wrong doing was approved on November 4th. It's ironically disturbing
that the people who feel strongly about the advancement of human ethics,
or people that want to celebrate diversity of our society, or ones that
feel all men and women should be treated equal would vote for a
President who personifies all of the (few) great things about our
country, but would rob a group of people their civil right because of
personal or religious belief. By no way am I trying to offend anyone by
what I am saying, but all n all, I am dissapointed that California's
voting public could not see past the negative propaganda and bullshit,
which was funded by millions of dollars of out-of-state donations, which
was fed to the voting public. Any person of color living in America has
been affected by civil rights, and more importantly, has fought for
their civil rights. Each person living in this country is entitled to
the same rights, regardless of race, sex, or personal beliefs, and
unfortunately, that was not displayed on November 4th. Prop. 8 was not a
gay issue, it was a human rights issue, and human rights suffered a
signifigant loss in the country's most progressive state.