Orchestration: From My POV


The Orchestration project is like no other I have worked on. With that being said, I'd like to explain the process in which Orchestration came to be, and how I was able to take the project from REL's beats to a finished product.

I came into this project with a couple main objectives, but the most important was to highlight REL's beats. So the first step obviously was to get the beats from REL. I wanted to get as many as possible from him because I wanted to display his range in production sound, and I also knew that his beats had enough similarity to where the project would be a complete thought. I obtained his beats knowing what I wanted in a finished project as well. I wanted the sound to be similar to J-Rocc's "Thank You Jay Dee" mixtape series, which I felt was groundbreaking for a Hip Hop instrumental mixtape. With that mixtape in mind, and REL's unique sound, I knew Orchestration would have it's own sound.

There are no scratches in the project. No doubles, no tricks, no traditional DJ aspects. This is another way to give RELs beats shine. I feel that scratching highlights the DJ, and I didn't want that to be the case. These are beats that took me to another place, and they painted pictures in my mind, and I wanted the music to have the same effect on the listener. As the mix began to take form, I thought of the entire project as a story, and upon finishing, I wanted the beats to be a narrative involving sound effects and ambient sound which had a beginning, middle, and end. This idea never took form, but the music still tells the story in which I envisioned. I'd like to tell the gist of the story to y'all, so when you listen to it, you can understand what I'm talkin about.

A person going through adolence; a youngster. A young mind being molded.
As that person grows up, they get mixed up with the wrong crowd. This person experiences rough times, does wrong, sees evil things.
They hit rock bottom.
There is no way to go but up, so the person has a revelation and understands that what they're doing is not right, and vows to change.
Through the repenting stage, the person finds a new meaning in life, love, knowledge of self, wisdom, and understanding.
The end of represents a retrospective stage, where the individual is now a teacher telling their story; explaining his path, and advising a younger generation about his plight and hardships, and how he became to be the person he is today.

Coming of age // Full circle.

Of course this is not the only way to interpret the music, but it is the way in which I see it, and I feel I would be doing the project an injustice if I didn't at least share that with yall.

In the beats and the mix has so many intricacies, it's amazing how well it worked out. The detail and elaborate construction is a tribute to our talent, and I'm glad the project was able to take form. I don't wanna spout out some sort of unrealistic gibberish and say "stay tuned for Orchestration 2!!", but that doesn't mean this will be the last...but for now, enjoy this one!

I speak for REL and myself when I say this one is definitely something special.



Anonymous said...

Instrumental albums are the best. Good job guys.