Pacman Jones & Martellus Bennett: Setting us WAAAY back

Kids these days...

It seems I can say that now since most of the star NFL and NBA were born in the late '80s, and sometimes we forget how young some of these people who we idolize are. A lot of media mishaps that are made by cocky young athletes are usually something you can write off; "Oh, he's just a kid", "He needs to grow up", "He needs veteran leadership". Watching these two videos that were released last week dug an immense hole for the "Me First" generation of athletes. I think as technology advances, celebs are learning you can't do anything you want in public anymore, and that having lots of money, little sense, and a video camera is a dangerous combination.

These two videos have different forms of offense, one looks like two brothers partaking in what they think is harmless comedy, while the other is people having fun at others expense, which resulted in fighting and shooting, leaving one man paralyzed from the waste down. Regardless of the intent, the fact that these young wealthy men who are role models to millions of people across America, have demonstrated offensive and irresponsible behavior, and have represented the young black male in a way that depicts coonery and ignorance.

The world of sports is still a conservative one, and many people still have a negative perception of young black males, and of athletes, and of young black male athletes. This not only reiterates every negative depiction of black people, it reinforces with indelible images for everyone, young and old, to see. It's hard to say what should come of all of this in terms of reprimands, but all young black males in the fortunate position of Adam Jones and Martellus Bennett should respect themselves, and others around them, because rather they like it or not, they're representing not only themselves, but a whole generation of youth. I hope other athletes and entertainers take note and realize how these images should never make the internet, and the one way to make sure that happens is to use common sense by making sure the actions are not carried out in the first place.


MLA Don't Play said...

Well stated, Haylow. $100K? Really, Pacman? And the Black Olympics? Wooow. And that was ya'll idea? And you added graphics & everything? And you thought it should go on youtube? Man, athletes really need to find better uses of their time and money.