To-Day Notice Mixtape Feat. J-Billion - Mixed by DJ Haylow


The best thing about having your own blog is you can post whatever the hell you want without emailing anyone, begging someone, or ass-kissing (not that I do any of those things). This is a mixtape I did with J-Billion about 2 years ago, but the best thing about it is it still holds weight. My boy Billion is droppin his debut album this Tuesday, so this will definitely get you ready for his highly anticipated release. If you've never heard of Billion, TRUST ME, you will people talkin about him in the very near future. Sky's the limit for this cat, and he may be the next emcee to put the City of San Francisco on his back.

To-Day Notice. "I QUIT!"


Eric said...

Sweet. I like the skits and I usually hate skits.