M.O.P. - First Fam


The way I would describe the Mash Out Posse is they're an "aquired" taste. Me living all my life out the westcoast, I've never really experienced the Gritty and Grimy New York lifestyle that embodies M.O.P., so it took me a REALLY long time to appreciate M.O.P. and their style, but when you actually GO to New York, and you really listen to their lyrics, and you think about how their style influenced others, it's only right to consider M.O.P. a classic Hip Hop duo.

This is a joint I got had on a white label record, and it was LITERALLY a white label! I saw it at the record store not knowing what it was, it was just a blank white label, I took a risk and it paid off. Now it's here for my fam to enjoy.

..Like M.O.P., I'ma MASH you OUT