Nametag - Back on My Sh*t f. Skyzoo (Prod. by Black Milk)


I feel like there's always emcees in the game that slip through the cracks. For example, you see someone's name, but you never heard any of their music...and it's not like their wack or anything, it's just for some reason they haven't made it into your rotation. Well, thats how I feel about Skyzoo. I heard him on the 9th Wonder Wale mixtape, and I thought to myself, this cat is nice! So I admit, I've been sleepin. But last night, I got this dropped in my mailbox, and I thought I'd share it with yall. It actually features Skyzoo, and its produced by Black Milk. The Song is called Back on My Shit by Nametag, so keep ya heads up, I think these cats got a lot to offer.

NameTag X Skyzoo X Milk


Tony said...

Shit is dope...

Anonymous said...

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