Ron Carter - Uptown Conversation

The most selfless musician in any genre of music is the bassist. When a child has dreams of playing a musical instrument, no one says, "I wanna play the background and never get the credit i deserve!" Everyone wants to shine...but not the bass. They seem to have an appreciation for music that is overlooked, and they don't get as much love or recognition they should. I guess you can call the the 'offensive linemen' of music.
That's why I'm giving some love to Ron Carter, one of the most notable bassist in Jazz. Most Hip Hop fanatics may know his name from when Q-Tip shouted him out on Tribe Called Quest's 'Low End Theory' album, but he's definitely has put in work. I wanna share his album 'Uptown Conversations which is a real smooth, chill album to add to your collection. I like this album because it seems like there's a song for everyone because Carter displays a well-roundedness that is worth noticing. Check it out, especially if you only know him for his work on Tribe's album! This album is Jazz at it's best

Uptown Conversation


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this Ron Carter album! (And what you said about bassists is very true.)

Thank you for this music!


bobbysu said...

thank you so much