Donald Byrd (1972 - 1975)

I don't care how many of y'all claim you're 80's babies...I'm stayin true to the 70's! How could you not!? I feel like SO many artists were at their prime in the 70's, all across the board. Rock, Jazz, Soul, Funk, each legendary musician seemed to hit their stride during this legendary decade (well, if you want me to be specific on a decade, I'd say 1968-1978. Some of that late 70's shit is suspect.) Prime example, Donald Byrd. Now, I know Jazz enthuisasts are gonna be quick to castrate me for this, and I love that straight ahead, Blue Note/Verve/Impulse Jazz all day, but when you had the progression of Jazz, mixed with the Funk and Soul, AND the politics all rolled in to one...there's no parallel. Musicianship and Creativity at it's best. Donald Byrd's music is the epitome of what Jazz, mixed with Funk, mixed with Soul is all about.

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1. Flight-Time
2. Black Byrd
3. Love's So Far Away
4. Mr. Thomas
5. Sky High
6. Slop Jar Blues
7. Where Are We Going?

Black Byrd (1972)

1. Stepping Into Tomorrow
2. Design A Nation
3. We're Together
4. Think Twice
5. Makin' It
6. Rock 'n' Roll Again
7. You Are The World
8. I Love The Girl

Stepping into Tomorrow (1974)

1. Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)
2. Wind Parade
3. (Fallin' Like) Dominoes
4. Places And Spaces
5. You And The Music
6. Night Whistler
7. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

Places and Spaces (1975)