G-Dep - Head Over Wheels

This is a CLASSIC G-Dep joint that was featured on that Haze compilation called New York Reality Check mixed by DJ Premier. There was a 12" to this song, but unfortunately there was no instrumental. This is one of my favorite Hip Hop beats, and G-Dep flows nice over it. The 12" is damn near impossible to find...even finding an mp3 link isn't easy. I posted this one for yall, AND it;s the version without the DJ Premier scratches, just the actual song.

G-Dep - Head Over Wheels


Self-Science said...


Nice blog. I have been looking for the version w/o the Premier scratches. Unfortunately the z-share link doesn't work for me.

DJ Haylow said...

word...sorry bout that. gimme a day or 2, ill re-up it on a different site. zshare has been trippin lately. Thanks for the compliment as well!