Questionmark Asylum

I can't for get the Questionmark Asylum, true DMV representatives (That's D.C., Maryland, and Virginia for all the cats out there that don't know!) I remember when I used to bump this album in High School, and I hate always saying this, and it sounds so cliche, but its true...this is when Hip Hop was fun. I wouldn't be suprised if you were on the westcoast and slept on these cats, I don't think their buzz really made it that far, but if you were one of those TRUE BET Rap City MF's back in the day, then you would be uped on these joints, and many others that fall into the same category. Big up to Questionmark Asylum (where ever yall are) and download this classic!! (i gotta start postin some more mid-90's ish on the blog!)



rolsuno said...

Look away now was the joint!!