Common - Come Close Remix


This may be one you've already heard, but I thought it would be a good time to post, and it's a must have for any fan of Smooth Hip Hop. When this one came out, I thought it was a dope remix, but when I look back, this is a CLASSIC, and argueably one of the best remixes ever.
Common, Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Erykah Badu, with Dilla on the beat...I don't know if you can come up with a more legendary combination to grace one song. Its not hype, it's a masterpiece.

Come Close - Vocal, Instrumental, and Acapella


Anonymous said...

I am most definitely diggin that mix..very smooth, loved Mary on the original track but respect the fill in of Erykah. Very nice, thank you for sharing Mr. DJ-MAN
~ Peace, Kiki

Anonymous said...

Classic joint though I think "I Feel For You" by Chaka Khan has slightly heavier production elements. You got with the inimitable soul/funkstress herself singing Prince's lyrics, Stevie on the harmonica (plus a sample from Fingertips pt.2), & Melle Mel with the rap all the while produced by Arif Mardin. The only unquestionable genius with the "Come Close Remix" is Dilla. Skateboard P & The Ab come close (sorry bro). Great post Haylow!

Haylow said...

no need to apologize, thats a Good Call! I'd like to hear of other combos...I'm sure some of those Mike Jack and Quincy combos had some people that were over looked.

Anonymous said...

Naw I meant sorry for the cheesy pun. MJ & Q most def!

Anonymous said...

"The Girl is Mine" MJ & Q w/Paul McCartney. Virtuosity right there.