Kanye West - Love Lockdown Video

I never thought Ellen would make the blog, but since she takes a more favorable stance on Hip Hop than Oprah, I guess Ye had no choice! With each joint Kanye puts out, he jumps into another demographic. I think to hold down the senior citizens down on the next album, he's gonna bring back Bob Barker and perform on the Price is Right. Props to one of the few people who always manages to out-do himself.


soul.profess said...

Never mad at a cat to jump out of the box and not be defined by others. I can also hear Kanye yelling at his label excutives, "damnit you don't understand me. I exist on the physical and metaphysical planes at the same time. I, sir, AM AN RTEEST!"

Of course while rubbing a cat.

DJ Haylow said...

Yeah man...Thats Right!