T-Pain & Lil Wayne: I NOW know what the F*ck Lil Wayne Says in the "I Can't Believe it" verse!!

I figured it out! Actually I looked online an copied n pasted em, but now you can sing along with Lil Wayne as he mumbles his way through his verse on "I Can't Believe It".


And you don't understand she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh
She hit the main stage she make the people say yeahhh,yeahhh,yeahhh,

[Lil Wayne]
Now i can put your ass ohhh
keep running your mouth
And if yo brothers come trippin ima show em wat dese teardrops bout
Shawty i was just playing
ohh but i can take you the caymen...islands
aww an then serve your screaminn nd hollerin
aww then we gone be making...
Love on the beach the people see what we doing
Awww they pointin and moooovin
And ohh but we gone keep on doing....it
Like its just me and you and nobody else
knows about it went down on the balcony,
and I ain't talking no Penthouse Sweet,
Shawty like a model out da Penthouse Sheets,
Thats why i got em on the Penthouse Sheets.

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