Phat Kat & Jay Dee: Dedication to the Suckas


This is one of my favorite 12" of all time....quentissential Phat Kat and Jay Dee. I wouldn't say that Dilla ever had a prime, but this is Dilla at his best. Smooth, but rugged...head nod beats, flipped samples, ill drums, beats and rhymes. (not sure if my description does it justice) ALSO what makes this 12" especially noteworthy is that Dilla does the cuts, which solidifies "Dedication to the Suckas" as a classic. I don't need any more adjectives, all I'm sayin is if you download 1 thing on the blog, let this be it.

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Dedication tot the Suckers (Vocal and Instrumental)
Don't Nobody Care About Us (Vocal and Instrumental)
Microphone Master (Vocal and Instrumental)