Vote Distortion 2 Static for 'Best Locally Produced TV Show' (SF Guardian Best of the Bay 2009)

This is an Email I sent to all my folks. I might as well blog it, too!

Distortion 2 Static has been goin strong since 2002, supported independently by the community, and has showcased literally 100's of artists and DJs, and has orchestrated fundraising events every month for the last few years.

It's time that we are recognized by the Bay Area!

Please vote for Distortion 2 Static for
'Best Locally Produced Television Show'
We're located on Pg.6, #9

Also, please vote for a long time friend and supporter of Distortion 2 Static,
Papalote for Best Taqueria.
Visit Papalote on the web at http://www.papalote-sf.com/

Please Note, once you click 'Next' they don't let you go back. so make sure u dont pass it up!

Thanks to all for your support, and for those unaware with Distortion 2 Static, you can check us out at www.distortion2static.com.